I volunteer with 16-18 year old boy scouts and this week we went hiking in a the mountains near Phoenix. The hike was super challenging.

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  1. Jon is a scout leader, too! but he's super fit…it's so annoying! ha-ha. when I have to hike with a group, I take 39 steps, then pause for three breaths! haha

  2. great job on the hike. I love hiking even though I have a foot that bad once in awhile. have a great day

  3. Great job making it to the top of the mountain.  It's great that you volunteer with the boy scouts.  The view looked awesome.

  4. Stay safe out there.
    40's is really cold to go hiking. Which makes that sweatshirt a smart buy. Staying warm on the trail, styling it at the night clubs. lol

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