What did I lose? What did I gain? How did over two Months of Outdoor Climbing affect my Boulder Gym Fitness? Let’s find out!

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Fitness Check after 2 Months of Outdoor Climbing ! Training Vlog

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Loudness and Clarity by Joakim Karud
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  1. Although I enjoyed this video and find it interesting, to do kind of an personal empirical analysis, on how different stimulusses or training methods affect your own performance, there are some questions left, I think:

    1. Training method / Type of stimulus
    Maybe, you just lost some power during your trip, because your training or climbing there wasn't "good" enough or should have had an other style for you? For example, you might have even gained some blocking or core power by doing some bouldery roof climbing or different exercises after climbing or on non-climbing days?

    2. Performance measurement
    How to measure performance? What do you mean, when you say you got weaker? I mean probably the campus board is a pretty good measuring tool for finger strength (though it only has particular and limited forms of holds etc.). But the overall perfomance as you know is affected by a lot of factors and maybe only some of them got worse. You might have gotten worse on steep (indoor) boulder problems, but maybe your route climbing increased (maybe even ignoring the mental and tactical aspects) and that might be more like a primary goal for many people in the end than doing spectacular campus boarding ;-).

    So my overall question would be, if a longer period of climbing or climbing trip really decreases your performance in every case (mainly seen as physical component here). If not, the periodization modell you introduced would not be very right or precise here. I don't say, that this is my opinion or i have a lot of different experience here, I'm just wondering, if there is a good way of combining more or less excessive climbing with a training outcome.

    I'm sorry for the long comment, maybe you still find the time to answer it at least partly, Mani, I'm also looking forward to other peoples' opinion here!

  2. Hey Mani, it's been awhile since watch one of your videos! It's been awhile since I rock climb too even though now I have a gym membership. I been doing some working out and trying to keep healthy. Thankfully, I found your channel again to stay very focus!

    Shift to whole green chilis bro, garam masala is good but the thin little chilis are the BOMB !

  4. 4:16 Don't you have more strength in first and middle finger, instead of middle and ring finger? I think it would be easier to aim with first and middle finger as well.

  5. Hi Mani,

    Just want to say that you are an inspiration. I love your videos and find so much that is useful for me as a novice (1 year) climber. I really appreciate the info and inspiration!

  6. Hey Mani,

    It was fun to watch the videos of your trip!
    You're presumably asked this question constantly: What is your height, weight and arm span?

    Und ich habe noch eine zweite Frage, ich hoffe die ist nicht zu lange (sonst ignoriere sie einfach). Ich schreibe jetzt einfach mal in Deutsch, ist vermutlich für uns beide leichter…
    Da mir meine feste Kletterpartnerin vor etwa 8 Monaten abgesprungen ist, war ich in diesem Zeitraum ausschließlich bouldern (+etwas Fingerboarden und vereinzelt Campusboarden). Nun will ich zurück ans Seil. In den ersten zwei TE war es nun so, dass sich die erste Hälfte bis 2/3 der Route (15m Wand) fast wie warmklettern angefühlt haben und dann recht abrupt nichts mehr ging (auch wenn ich mich ins Seil gesetzt habe, habe ich kaum regeneriert). Ich habe mindestens 5-10min Pause gebraucht bis das Spiel von neuem los ging. Und jetzt das für mich Komische: Ich war fast überhaupt nicht gepumpt. Meine Unterarme waren recht locker, es hat sich einfach angefühlt, als ob plötzlich jemand den Stecker mit der Stromzufuhr gezogen hätte.
    Kannst du dir das erklären? Scheint ja dann eher kein Problem der KA zu sein oder?

    LG und danke für deine Mühe

  7. Kannst du mal ein Video machen zum Cheatday? oder bist du eine art übermensch der es durch hält sich ausschließlich von gesunden Sachen zu ernähren 😛

  8. I was waiting for this video after your trip. It's quite fascinating what you lose or gained during this 2 months. Thanks!

  9. Yes another great video =) I never try these fitness check maybe I should 😉 By the way first time I see you climb with a shirt on and a new pant haha Nice!

  10. Why do you put everything in a blender and drink it as a shake?
    Watching your videos I get the impression that you hardly eat anything "as it is", besides your main meal and some bananas on the way. I just ask out of a personal dislike for these shakes.

    I've enjoyed your latest trip videos and your basic and intermediate technique videos are well made. Helped me a lot visualizing this stuff. Thanks for the work you put into them.

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