Can you find the easter egg?!? Hint: it’s sci-fi ish. Comment the time stamp when you find it! 🙃

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SETS AND REPS: More videos on Instagram: @ampollo
CIRCUIT 1: (repeat x3 with minimal rest)
Alternating reverse lunge w/ pause x60s
Alternating superman x30s
Jump squat to lateral kick x30s

CIRCUIT 2: (repeat x3 with minimal rest)
Alternating curtsy lunge w/ pause x60s
Quadruped hip circle x30s (per side)
Jump squat to curtsy lunge x30s

FINISHER: (repeat x2 with minimal rest)
3-way single leg glute bridge x30s (per side)


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What’s up what’s up! Today I’m back with more science on how to fix your hip dips! Remember – hip dips are 100% completely normal. I just like giving you options for how to sculpt the body you see fit! Today’s workout will focus on hitting your butt and outer thighs in the saddlebag area. These exercises are designed to even your glutes, improve balance, and sculpt an overall rounder butt. I hope you like this!

Move Your Body With These Fitness Tips

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Practice controlling over a furniture cushioning to improve your body’s total balance. Stand on it with one particular leg, and transfer a treatments ball, jug, or anything different a little weighty, from a single fingers for the other, sideways, and behind your head. If you have this down, struggle on your own by carrying it out together with your eyeballs closed.

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  1. EARLY SQUAD!! I feel like I said ok a million times in this video lol whoops 😅 who can find the easter egg?! Hint: it's sci-fi ish.

  2. Hi Abby, I am a big fan of your work. I know you heard this all the time but I love how you explain how the body works and how we should understand our bodies. How often a beginner should workout their glutes?

  3. Hi Abby, thanks for your videos, they're so informative!
    Regarding hip dips I feel like they're even more visible when I lose weight and work out, e.g. even when I contract my tight muscles my hip dips get more pronounced :/

  4. alright, so i'm new at working out and stuff so in the description when it says the exercise and like x30s what does that mean? sets? orr??

  5. I dont have this but i would notice on skinny women alot but i dnt think u should fet rid of them it is ur natural shape why get rid of them just to please others

  6. Usually when people talk at the beginning of their videos I start to get bored but you actually kept me really interested and explained everything extremely well. Thank you!! 💛

  7. i hv done all these exercise following some more exercises but nothing works i have extreme hip dip and i cant wear anything bodyfitted which i love the most i used to have a perfect body but with this hipdip i have lost the confidence now i only wear jeans and in some jeans my thigh area looks abnormally wide cz of which i cant wear some of my fav. jeans i cant wear dresses also i dnt knw how to fix this but these exercise does not work in my case

  8. lol You're such a geek..i really mean it in a good way…I love you…I love how explain everything. Thanks for the explanation and to show how to do these exercises so we can do them better.😎😂😉😊

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