Lots of people have asked me for more workouts that use dumbbells, so here it is.

This one combines cardio moves with dumbbells, for a full body workout.

Let me know what you think in the comments below:


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  1. Love this workout! I love the combination of weights and cardio…. my fav! Can we have more, maybe slightly longer?!! (Am I mad?!)

  2. That was good! I might have been able to do 3 rounds, but don't normally use dumbells (I went for 8kg), so did the 10 mins abs workout at the end! Gr8! I think what you are doing is brill! I'd love an upper body workout to go with the Sardinia cardio abs and legs workouts… maybe 40s cardio then 40 secs push-ups, triceps dips, 2 other body weight upper body exercises… what I think Joe!!

  3. Awesome I'm all over this as it's just what been looking for cardio and upper body combo! Joe you are truly truly amazing – there is a god! And I am truly blessed!

  4. Just wanted to say how you saved my life. I was so overweight ( and I'm super short btw ) that i couldn't walk more than 5min without being out of breath. I've been following your advices for 3 months now and lost over 18kgs…..Before knowing you I've spent years going from a doctor to another and nobody helped me the way you did. I'm being emotional writing this but really thank you from the bottom of my heart. !!

  5. Excellent HIIT JW, found the crab twists didn't get my heart rate up as much as the rest though. Timings were great at 30/30 though and good length of workout 👍🙌😁

  6. Joe, love your workouts! Can you do a yoga inspired one for days off from Hiit, still a workout but stretching all those tired muscles at the same time.

  7. Great workout! Would be helpful if at the beginning you had the workout written so we could screenshot, save us having to go back and forward from phone notes to YouTube haha

  8. totally love Mr. Joe Wicks, he has helped me get my pre-baby body back (hubby says thanks !).Only request is a bit longer for the workout would have been perfect (more 30 mins videos please and with weights!!

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