The weather is back to usual (wet, cold, sh*t), so it’s Gym Time again! I only performed Exercises which do not involve a Climbing Wall. The Session Stats are listed after each Workout for full Reproducibility.

I tackled:
Explosiveness and Contanct Strength on the Campusboard,
Body/Core Strength on the Rings and the Bar,
and Finger Strength on the Hangboard.

It was a very intense day, the regimen was rather advanced although no actual climbing move was performed! So be sure to warm up properly before engaging in any of these exercises, and don’t forget to take good care of your body in general. See you soon!

Full Day of Training for Climbing without a Wall !

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Use These Ideas to Improve Your Fitness

It can be time to get your life in your palms and take steps regarding your bodyweight. Diet plans take time and effort and can not really function. The greatest thing to accomplish is exercise, in addition to a normally far healthier way of living. You could shed weight and be a lot more at straightforward along with your system. Here are some tips which will help.

Every time you elevate weights, flex your glutes. This gives the butt a fantastic work out along with lowering the risk of damaging oneself when you are within a poor situation. The positioning you presume when flexing your glutes assist to balance and protect your spine.

Those are only some of the approaches to grasp and sustain the very idea of correct physical fitness. Training the described strategies no less than three times a week and begin a normal schedule if you would like continue to be on the top of your body’s visual appeal. Nothing is more essential than trying to keep your whole body fit and healthy.


  1. All this workout in one day? How often do you train on Pan gullich during your training's time (in winter i guess) ? Do you agree on resting at least 2 or 3 days before each Pan Gullich sessions?
    Thanks dude, great video once again.

  2. Your training is very good. I'll guess and say you are good with static moves or tend to be more about them, is that a correct assumption? What do you do for Power Endurance?

  3. Man, you do some insane training, you've got technique… when's the first 9a due ? Do you have a specific project in the ninth degree ?
    Keep it up, love the style of your videos !

  4. Hey! War doch nur ´n Spaß mit dem Akzent letztes mal! Du darfst gerne wieder reden in den nächsten Videos ;P

  5. I'm curious if you know of any ways to train without the campusboard/hangboard. I go to a college that doesn't have them (or anything related to rock climbing *cries) in the gym but I'd still like to get better at finger and body/core strength

  6. Great video! Only climber out there making real videos, awesome. Keep it up, enjoy all your different vids. Especially tutorials/ video on different grips and heel hooks for example. Good stuff

  7. Your attention to detail is AWESOME; I love what you did with the text. 2:43 Lol that guy looked like he saw you and gave up.

  8. impressive video buddy!!! Do you ever climb in England? I'd love to do some training with you.

  9. Woowww!!!! Amazing shooting and training, this vid was so well edited, I loved the way you put "warm up" on the TV screen and the other stuff 😁 and the last scene tho!

  10. Hey Mani, great vid and tunes as per usual. You have any experience with shoulder blade pain/injuries? I have been stuck climbing the same 6B/C leads and V4 boulders for a while now, whenever I try to step up my intensity or do additional training the pain flares up and I have to back down again. Thanks. #Vgang

  11. great video, also really enjoyed the editing!
    can you do a video about warm up before doing a bloulder/climbing session and do you stretch before and after or just afterwords? and if yes what kind of stretches do you do? 🙂

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