Split #1:
4 exercises
1 min 100%
15 sec rest /round

Quick feets
Jumping lunges
(Do these 4 followed by each other during 1 minute)

5-10 rounds in total
Split #2:
4 exercises
30 sec 100%
No rest

30 sec Lateral jump over bench
30 sec Pushup knee to elbow
30 sec Plank jacks up to knee
30 sec Abs russian twist

4-10 rounds in total
Split #3:
Intervals on treadmill

20 sec MAX running
10 sec vila

5-10 rounds in total
Inspired with ploy-exercises. Plyo is short for plyometrics and stands for “the jumping exercises”. These kind of exercises that require you to use your body in a explosive way for a short time.
To work with your body in this kind of way we keep our muscles nice and tight and it also speeds up our fat burn! And it’s also so good if you don’t want do stand on a cross trainer or treadmill for 60min straight. This is more effective in time and so much more fun!

Most often we do this for 30-60sec.. and that’s what we are gonna work with today.

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