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Welcome back, babes! There is nothing sexier than a BUILT back and I’ve been working on growing mine. I hope you enjoy this workout! Xo


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Exercise 1:
Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down Complex
4 sets of 10-12 reps

Superset 1:
Bent Over Rope Row
4 sets of 10-12 reps

Rope Face Pull to Lateral Straight Arm Pull-Down
4 sets of 10-12 reps

Exercise 2:
Bent Over Row to Fly
4 sets of 8-10 reps


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How to Successfully Get Into Shape

Everyone knows remaining fit is vital, especially with being overweight prices in the us increasing easily. Want to determine, but don’t have any very good ideas? There are numerous ways to work towards your own personal physical fitness, and this post represents some good ways to have fun whilst working out and remaining healthier.

Experiencing bad posture signifies that your backbone is not really aligned correctly whilst the first is ranking, sitting down or lying down. It is crucial to keep healthy posture which means that your muscle tissue work correctly and not triggering undue friction to bone or important joints. This friction, also called arthritis, could be a agonizing situation and quite often unbearable disease.

With one of these recommendations, you should be able to begin working out each week. Keep an eye on simply how much weight you lose if you want anything to keep you motivated. You should view a variation in how you look at oneself: maybe you could even get new clothing and make new friends as a result of your assurance.


  1. How many days do you workout a week? I hear some fitness gurus workout 6 or 7 days a wk and then others only do 3 to 4. What is the correct amount of days to workout?

  2. Hey Whitney,

    Should I follow this workout 3 times a week or is it better to do 3 different back excecises in a week?

  3. Hey Whit I know this is an old video but I just wanted to ask for future videos if you could show how you get into the positions? Because for me, that's the hardest part about trying new workouts, is getting into a good form to do it. Thank you!!!

  4. I'm new to the gym… and this makes me excited to try using the machines. thank you. i already love you !

  5. may i ask why we need to do the right side and left side separately before the both side wide grip lat pull down complex? I'm doing the same thing but a PT was asking me about that i just didn't know how to reply him

  6. I go through your videos everyday to come up with my workout plan for the day. I have never been so motivated ever. I took some of your leg and butt workouts and used them at the gym last night. I can barely use the bathroom , walk down stairs. Where have you been all my life Whitney! Thank you so much for this motivation you've given me.

  7. love your workouts and meal preps i was wondering if you know any good inner thigh workouts and any work outs to help out with hip dips since those are my biggest problem right now 😭

  8. Whitney thank you for all the vids and advices, you keep me motivated! ❤️ please keep up with uploading more exercises and workouts 😊

  9. I just found your channel and am obsessed! Thank you for all the great workout ideas! 🙂

  10. Hey Whitney I've been obsessed with ur videos I try to do some of the workouts but it's difficult cuz I'm pregnant but you are so motivating lol I can't wait till I can fully work out an not be on best rest please keep making more videos ur awesome

  11. I seriously love you. Since I have found your videos, I only do your workouts. They really click for me!

  12. This is my problem I need to get rid off, my back fat. Thanks for this video….and by the way, I really like your leggings. Can you please tell me where you got it?

  13. lol "here's Whitney doing it wrong.. and here's Whitney dying." omg girl you crack me up 🙂
    re-watching this workout also for more ideas <3

  14. Seriously such a savior you are!!! I am only going to follow your workouts from now on!

  15. Whitney what brand of sports bra and leggings are those LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  Thanks for all the workouts your amazing!

  16. As a fitness instructor and fitness junkie, I have never seen a lat complex….my mind is blown! obsessed! definately trying this 🙂

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