Strengthen and lengthen in this quick Pilates class with runners in mind, but beneficial to everyone! We’re focusing on pelvic stability and hip mobility, as well as strengthening the ‘powerhouse’ (or ‘core’). These areas are so important whilst running, in order to improve form and help with injury prevention.

This is suitable for beginners and intermediate; please stick to your level and if you feel any lower back pain please stop the exercise. It is contraindicated for osteoporosis, osteopenia and pregnancy.

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This was filmed straight after a long run so apologies for occasional loss of alignment 😉

Exercise list:
Shoulder circles
Shoulder lifts and lengthens
Clavicle release
Lateral rotation of the spine
Lateral flexion of the spine
Neck release
Pilates squat
Pilates squat with lateral hip rotation
Grand plie
Grand plie toe heel lifts
Roll Down
4 point kneeling plank
C-curve roll back
C-curve roll back with rotation
Pelvic tilts
Ab Prep 1
Ab Prep 1 add ons
Ab Prep 2
Single leg circle
Hamstring pull
Hip Roll
Back Extension Prep
Quad stretch
Pretzel stretch
Square pose
Frog pose
Hamstring stretch
Roll down
Shake down

Chris Zabriskie- Mario Bava sleeps in a little later than he expected to
Chris Zabriskie- Take off and shoot a zero
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What You Must Know About An Exercise Program

Most individuals who have been involved in physical fitness for just about any length of time say they desire there were a couple of things they recognized before they started out. This is why this post gathered a number of the best physical fitness tips for the two beginners and intermediate physical fitness buffs. These guidelines may be used by individuals associated with a amount of expertise.

If you are looking to have an incentive to help you get to follow by way of with a fitness instructor, look at make payment on fitness instructor ahead of time. If you are like many people, you may be prone to follow through if the funds has already been put in, when compared with funds that may be still in your wallet.

When your private physical fitness regimen is started, you will discover that the training on the subject is rarely finished. This is a great point. Constant discovering is effective as well as required to sustain and boost your physical fitness results and to assist you to keep committed. When the understanding you gain repays very well, you will quickly love the educational approach.


  1. This class has helped me with both relaxation and strength, I feel the benefit throughout the day. Thank you so much for giving it.

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