Understanding the CONCEPT of how to lose weight is the key behind any successful transformation.

High Knees is a very basic exercise, yet a POWERFUL punch to your stored fat deposits. Key is to maintain the speed and proper form throughout the set.

We recommend aiming of 6 to 8 sets of 50 reps with 30 sec breaks for beginners.

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What You Must Know About A Workout Strategy

Maintaining your health and fitness as you age is vital to dwelling a lengthy healthy daily life. When your entire body age ranges, your bone turn out to be weaker, making them far more susceptible to splits. Maintaining suit will help to maintain your bone powerful, and your entire body can overcome personal injuries quicker. This post will present you with some terrific ideas for preserving your health and fitness into your fantastic many years.

In order to achieve optimum health and fitness, be sure to not set anxiety on a single certain area of the entire body including the abdominal place. Not only will you straight give attention to this place and find yourself seeking peculiar, however you may possibly danger damage at the same time. Center on distinct parts of the body on distinct days and make certain to complete exercise routines that utilize various muscle tissues.

Commencing or keeping yourself using a health and fitness program can feel challenging, but retaining suit will allow you to not only to seem the best, but to really feel the best as well. Following the health and fitness ideas discussed above will assist make it simpler so that you can fulfill your desired goals.


  1. kuch nai hua 6 days me. properly uske hisab se kiya.I think running is best exercise for losing belly fat.Maida se chipak gayi hui fat running se hi pighalti hain.

  2. app reply karty hain sir ?..
    how bad is egg yolk for weight loss?
    i use to eat 3 boiled egg with 1 cup of tea…
    and i m in the process of losing weight.

  3. high knees , jump squats, skip rope…. if u doing this , then you dont want to step on a treadmill or eliptical. best fat burner of all time are only these 3

  4. thanks for uploading video, please reply my question is that wearing supporter during workout is necessary or not? i am not wearing supporter when i doing workout, somebody said that if you are not wearing supporter may bhi its cause for hernia and other problems. please suggest me

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