Do you feel tightness or soreness in your hips? Are you wondering what the best way to release and open those tight hips are? Have you been looking for the perfect yoga flow for your lower body? Well, this 10 minute beginner/intermediate yoga practice is just for you.

This lower body routine is perfect to recharge yourself any time in the day, but its especially effective when your hips are super sore and killing you. In ten minutes flat it’s the perfect solution to relieve jet leg or to do at the office on a break. Its also great after the gym, at home on a matt, or in a hotel room while you are on the go and feeling the soreness in your legs post workout or travel.

I use this flow in a lot of my hot yoga classes in Toronto, and students are always shocked afterwards at how loose, relaxed, and limber they feel. Try it for yourself!


Shot at the Xanadu Villa in Cap Estate, St. Lucia.


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Fitness Ideas For Anyone to Try

Health and fitness must a crucial part of anyone’s life. It can do amazing things for your body, maintaining it healthy, and offering you far more energy. Nevertheless a lot of people find it difficult to get some exercise regularly inside their stressful schedule. This informative article includes valuable, straightforward recommendations that you can figure out how to exercise successfully in a modest amount of time.

A great fitness suggestion is to commence performing shoulder shrugs. Shoulder shrugs are a great way to meat up your trapezoid muscles. Your trapezoid muscles are placed in your collarbone. Shoulder shrugs are incredibly simple to execute but as always, it’s a bad idea to elevate more weight than it is possible to manage.

Even if this article may make it noise straightforward, the main aspect is hard work and perseverence. Hitting the gym can be fun and simple, it also demands persistent hard work to achieve any outcomes. So, shut off the television and acquire off the chair, check out the gym, and start doing exercises.