Hip Opening Yoga – This 40 Minute Yoga flow was designed to bring relief in the Hip & Lower Back area, through various stretches and poses. Gain Flexibility & naturally relieve many pains that you may be experiencing in the lower body, & hips in this Beginners Yoga tutorial! Certified Yoga Instructor Lauren Bringle from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.


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  1. Really love this back pain guide, "fetching loni" (Google it)! I find it too good to be true at the start however when I used it last night, I find myself with a relieved back next thing early in the day. Sent this to my mother and father. I was told that they can`t imagine how great was it. The most beneficial solution for back pain..

  2. I love how soft and relaxing your voice is, it really helps in keeping to the breath.

  3. I wish the title would say this was for beginners. I didn't even get warm and it did nothing for my hips at all. No childs pose, no happy baby, no pigeon pose or other poses that actually opens up your hips. I would say this is great for relaxation, but not for opening the hips.

  4. Really nice sequence, just one thing, my physical therapist told me back twists were really really bad for lower back pain (disc problems) and in general, is that true ? Thanks !

  5. your forms can use some work, for instance in "downward dog" you should bend your arms at the shoulders more for a good stretch and preferably put the entire sole on the floor. Thanks though, love hip opening, i need it.

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