Lose weight with this Indoor Walking Workout that you can do at home, this is a specially designed walking workout for weight loss -it is a low impact workout which makes it suitable for every fitness level so it is a perfect beginners workout and also if you are going through rehab or obese this will be ideal. This is also suitable for Pre and Postnatal.So grab your trainers and lets do this fun workout together.
The benefits of walking is that it burns off calories and tones you up at the same time.
Lucy xx

Strategies for Getting Into Great Shape

Exercise is around more than just walking around or looking the aspect. So that you can have appropriate exercise, your whole body have to really feel and also it appears to be. This mean that ravenous oneself or getting harmful supplements is just not becoming good for your exercise, by any means. Hence, needs to be eliminated in return for these pointers rather.

When conducting any sort of workout you would like so as to stretch in between. These stretches ought to stretch the full muscle and should last for about 40 mere seconds. This allows to get a therapeutic time between the work outs, so you won’t injury your own muscles more than your exercise routine time.

As stated initially on this post, maintaining your health and fitness when you age group is important to lifestyle a long healthful lifestyle. Your bones become more fragile when you age group, which makes it more challenging to recoup from accidents. Use the recommendation out of this post to help you maintain your exercise as you get old, and to help keep your bones healthful and powerful.


  1. hi lucy how long does it take too tone up how many times a week doing it .iam execrise person but this look okay xx

  2. Love your videos, and thank you for the tips and recipes. Looking forward to do more workouts with you.

  3. First time doing this….absolutely loved it! I have been searching for a couple of week –these were motivational and helpful and not boring! will certainly be trying out your other videos and sharing them!
    Only one tip: would be great if u allowed more time for the stretches. Should be holding them for at least 20 seconds so I found the stretches portion to be a bit rushed. Other than that, loved it!

  4. Hi, iv just had a baby shes 5 weeks old and im 21 quite abit of the weight has come off me but im still no where near the body i was before i was very toned and i just cant budge this belly
    where are you based? please can you help me haha xx

  5. Just came across your channel. I liked it so much I subscribed. I do not motivate that quickly because of arthritis and get depressed over it. This seems easy enough for Seniors, I thank you for making these videos for people like me.

  6. One of the best workouts on the Internet all over. I am doing and I am started feeling great. Love you for sharing this easy yet convient workout for lazy asses like me. Thank you so much.😘😘😘

  7. I have only just found your channel, and I have to say – this is EXACTLY the type of work-out video I've been looking for! I really enjoyed it, and I loved your tips during the video. I am going to do this workout every day, coupled with healthy eating 🙂

  8. Love the tips on positive thinking and how to treat yourself with good food and beauty tips.

  9. I have a doubt
    Can we do the exercises in a air conditioned room or a room wih a fan
    Because in such a case we would hardly sweat so how will the callories decrease

  10. Really enjoyed this workout.  I did this today as a part of the 'Busy Mums Fitness Plan', which is on Lucy's website, finding it very motivating and enjoyable, thank you Lucy!

  11. easy, doable but still a workout enough to get you sweating. Thanks for putting this video up, amazing low impact workout. l discovered it yesterday night and now m feeling so good after doing it! 😘😘

  12. Lucy, this is one of my favorite workouts. Going to share it with my friends. Thanks for all your hard work.

  13. in this 18 min workout I lost 4gm..I know it's not much but still I'm happy that just 18 min did this..

  14. Super easy but effective workout. Just found your channel. You are gorgeous. Rock on Lucy.

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