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Great Guide on How to Get Into Great Shape

Very poor exercise can adversely affect you, equally physically and sentimentally. You should do a great deal of the research so that you will don’t really damage yourself working out. There are some suggestions listed here to assist you to get started with a training routine that could do the job plus your targets.

Don’t find yourself in trouble associated with your workdesk throughout the day. Unlike our railroad-laying, daybreak-’til-dusk farming forefathers, most of us don’t have work which require actual labour. Should this be the way it is for you, try out adding little workouts in your workday. Establish a clock on your computer system to notify you every single hour. Stand up from the workdesk and either conduct a lap throughout the office or perhaps a durability transfer. These little bursts can also add up to a lot of extra burned unhealthy calories throughout weekly, month, or season.

As stated in the above in the launch, health and fitness is essential into a healthful life-style. For complete wellness, exercise and very good nourishment is essential for everyone. Follow the helpful tips specified on this page for a few interesting and enjoyable approaches and also hardwearing . system in the best issue achievable.


  1. you plateaued for several years because you probably didn't know about deload and how to train properly using percentages! NOt any more though… now wonder now your bench is crazy strong! Happy for you bro!

  2. Gonna try it out and I'm going to make a video of it. I'll be sure to tag you in it with a link to your page and a pin on the cards at the end of my video. My goal is 315 while weighing 170. I'm at 260 so far. But weigh 200

  3. It's pretty sad to me so many people think it's impossible for a 220ish pound man to ever bench 405 pounds naturally. I'm not saying it isn't very impressive, it is, but it's not even a 2x bodyweight lift guys. Omar Isuf weighs under 180 and can bench 350-360. Let me guess, he and his 16 inch arms aren't natural either? Please. He has been training his entire adult life and has learned from some of the greatest powerlifters in the world. It isn't surprising he reached 405 after a fucking decade or more of training.

  4. cant you just tell me the damn program…why send us to another site.. im too lazy…(maybe thats why i only bench 90 lbs. )

  5. I've done the 6 week program before but I set the weight too high so my bench went nowhere. I've been stuck at 275 for 4 months. I'm going to do the 6 week program again. Would it be a good idea to add in some tricep work in addition to the other assistance lifts because I struggle with the lockout portion of the lift?

  6. I get it if you don't have the mental strength and and believe in what you got I tore my pec twice in a year teared my biscep dropped the wieght on my chest a few.times from 405 to 500 I am fouty six and just don't have the confidence before this I loved benching the wieght was easy I still can hit good numbers I usually do at least double my wieght but no more confidence just feel like everyone I go down something bad is going to happen any words of wisdom thought about wraps but I don't believe in using anything

  7. Can this be used as a general strength program? Or is it only meant to be run once for peaking? I want a long term bench program, is your 12 week one that one?


  9. Hey, Silent Mike, just wanted to share that I increased my bench by 20lbs in 7 weeks using your program. Before I started the program I had just hit 405lbs for the first time and today I just maxed at 425! Thanks for the program! My bench video is posted on my channel.

  10. Fucking bitch ass joke. You have to pay for the shit. Programing is a joke these days. 5-3-1 and 5×5 is all you need. Theyre tried and true.

  11. 400-405 is my long term goal. A few days ago I benched 280 5×4 then 280×6. I've done 300×5 for my max set. i need to max out i haven't maxed out in months. Hopefully I'm around 335 for a max.

  12. If you do 100% 1×1 of your original 1rpm on the last set of week 7 when are you actually hitting a PR and increasing your current 1rpm?

  13. What about the other lifts such as squat and deadlifts?
    What is a good way to incorporate them in a program?

  14. hi silent mike, im at a 300 bench will this program get me to a 315 bench by the end? if not could i run it back to back? Thank you

  15. That's awesome, 15 years ago I hit 295 PR, now at 35 I got this crazy idea to PR 315 by 2017, so 6 months ago I started hitting the gym on my lunch break at work.. Sadly all of my gain were lost and I was at 230-250lbs max at that time. Now just few weeks away from 2017 I THINK I can get that 315… I haven't tried yet, been to busy using my lunch breaks to workout. I did try 315 on a smith machine and got that barrely, I'm making couple vids a week on my progress, the 315 attempt is coming !!!

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