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Here is a full tutorial on my two favourite sprint workouts.

The first is more muscular endurance ‘cardio style’ sprint workout (that will leave you in puddles of sweat if done properly) and the second is more of a proper format everything you got sprint with adequate rest to really maximize your fat burn EPOC (Excess post oxygen consumption) after-burn effect to super charge your 24-48 hr fat-burn capacity… you could literally burn a higher amount of calories for up to 2 days after this workout. Personally, I mix up the two styles as I’m a huge fan of variety in training.

I love treadmill sprints, but outdoor sprints are amazing if you have somewhere close by to make it a part of your routine.

Sprint #1
2 minute warm up jog
1 minute rest
1 minute sprint
30 second rest
*if you make it anywhere from 45 seconds to 1 minute on your next round you will go up in speed by 1.0
Continue to rest for 30 seconds for each rest phase and try to make ti to :45 seconds to 1 minute for each sprint.
If you can no longer make it to at least :45, then you will not increase your speed.
I continue this routine for a total of 20 minutes including warming up, rests and cool down.

Sprint #2
2 minute arm up jog
take the treadmill as fast as you think you can sprint. Stop when you need to. If you sprint for longer than :15 seconds, the next sprint you raise by 1.0 speed.
Rest for 1-3 minutes (as long as you need to get your energy back and breathing almost back to normal.
repeat for a total for 5 sprints

If in either sprint you’re not ready to raise by 1.0 each round, then raise by what you are ready for i.e. 0.5.

Do not try this without checking with your doctor first and checking with a personal trainer to ensure your form is safe and you know how to get on and off a treadmill properly. This workout video is not a recommendation, but rather that I am showing you what I do for myself and my clients to get lean very quickly. (disclaimer)

Personally I get the best results doing this in the morning on an empty stomach drinking water with BCAA’s.

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Happy Training everyone.

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  1. Thank you Lyza!! I'm getting on it today!! I've been following you for a few years now! Thank you so much!! You make working out fun!! 😘😘😘

  2. I love these exercises
    I run 14/15 sprints on an incline of 6 30-1 minutes sprints then fast walk 5 for two minutes
    So good

  3. great video. love it. needed it i recall you mentioning sprinting in another video. I love that you actually demonstrated a real live sprinting session. (visual) should we ever increase the incline, why not, if NO and if so, how much will be too much Ladies, thanks for being a GREAT inspiration for us all.

  4. You ladies were awesome!!! What an inspiration!!! I am definitely one who gets bored quickly with the same-o same-o workout. These will be a welcome addition to my workout routine!!! Thank you for your hard work Desiree and Sarah!!! Lyzabeth thank you for all you do!!! Besos!!!

  5. Since I saw this video I started the sprint training and I love it so much!! I am doing the sprint every single workout now. It's such an amazing and motivational training. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I just found out that I got osteoarthritis in mild stage towards the moderate stage. For now I stop putting pressures on my knees… I'll start therapy soon… my questions after therapy will I able to do sprints or at least 😔…. I'm been athletic since childhood and this disease makes me feel like 😞. Please enlighten me. Thanks

  7. I'm doing sprints early morning on an empty stomach but I would like to know if i can take my breakfast immediately after the sprints or wait couple of hours??!!

  8. LOVED this video!! I'm always doing sprints and trying to come up with different styles and also how to explain the benefits to others –This was soooo informative and loved how you showed everything in real time! They killed it!

  9. running flat on the treadmill is bad on the knees, I always have at least a 1.0 incline on the treadmill

  10. 1st attempt on this today…I did ok, better than I thought!! Thanks for making such a clear and straight forward video. I'll keep at it. I have the thickness so I need anything that leans me out but keeps my curves too!!

  11. I was rooting for them both the whole time !!!!!!! Definitely incorporating this into my workout! super excited

  12. Shall we do this as our only workout for the day, or part it with some weights? If we DO pair it with another workout shall we do cardio before or after?
    PS this was super informative and I love videos like this! I usually get intimidated by the treadmill because I'm heavy footed and I get embarrassed of the noise I make when I stamp my feet (I'm a heavy gal, anyway!) but I'm actually looking forward to trying this!!! xxx

  13. Did sprint workout #1 and it morphed into #2. It was amazing! I was finally able to push myself into the 100% of the max heart rate zone. Thank you!!!!

  14. Hi Lyzabeth! I love your channel. I have a question. For those that are overweight and want to try this, do you think it would be good to start with speed walking and then at the HIIT portion do a jog? At least until I build up my indurance to actually sprint

  15. I just did this in my apartment gym, an old lady came up to me saying I don't care about other people and I'm too loud hahaha 😂

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