How I Got Ripped in 8 Months!!! Before December of 2015 I didn’t go to the gym or workout at all on my own. For a living, I teach Chinese Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, and other fitness activities. So I do teach a lot of classes and make a lot of videos, but I did not really do my OWN workouts for ME for virtually all of 2014 and 2015. So, in December of 2015 I decided to get motivated to get in the best shape of my life THIS YEAR! I joined the gym again and started adding 30 minutes of kicking training and 60 minutes of Weight Training 4 or 5 times a week to my normal Martial Arts routine. I’m starting to see some great results. Here are my tips……..

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Several Ideas for a Healthier, Thinner You

Bad fitness can in a negative way have an impact on you, the two bodily and on an emotional level. You must do lots of the research so you don’t seriously hurt oneself exercising. There are many ideas further down that will help you start with a training strategy that will meet your needs as well as your targets.

Reinforce your to support end lower back pain. Each and every time you do a set of exercise routines that concentrate on your belly exercise routines, do a set of exercise routines that concentrate on your back. Hitting the gym only your ab muscles could cause bad posture and ache within the back.

As we discussed from your functional guidance within the ideas in this article, it is actually in no way far too late to find out new details that will really reward your fitness regimen and put in your overall great well being. Everyone can find out something totally new that can make the time and effort that you just put in your fitness, useful.


  1. if you think he is fake then just stop watching his videos i don't get all you people and your hate STOP

  2. Man made crap? most of the stuff u ate in the beginning was man made, I mean fake Mac and cheese and fake meat l, that's all man made

  3. Hey Jake! Where did you get that climbing rope? Is it the same rope that you use for rock climbing?

  4. i have a question. how do you get fit again after tons of injuries doing 15 years of martial arts and with long term conditions like fibromyalgia and joint hyper mobility syndrome and lots of joint wear n tear and inflammation? after 21 years of pain ive tried so hard to get better and fitter and im still no where near how i was when i was fit 21 years ago before i had my son and became like this

  5. That looked delicious! I'm 19 and just went Vegan a couple months ago, I wish I had a beautiful garden like yours.

  6. Sounds a really effective method !!! Calisthenics workouts are very powerful to get ripped especially from the upper part of the body — Acrobatic Yoga or Capoeira trainings is my favorite — A Vegan Diet is also highly advised with a bunch of nuts N seeds of course // Just think 1mn why Shaolin monks are vegetarian – Do you think they will be able to perform that way eating meat % I dont think so !!! Keep up the good work its an amazing channel 🙂

  7. Stop skipping leg day at the gym lol . I prefer this type of UTube to your Kung foo ey. Prrrhaps branch out into recreational fitness , who doing what to keep in shape around you?

  8. Sorry, but if you got to put 3 courses in one bowl which I'm guessing is to cover the taste of a card board shitting monsters ass hole taste out your mouth if eaten separately, I think I'll stick with Mother Nature, real meat, and vegetables not something grey. Grey means dead or dieing not healthy

  9. this were u was going all time you be best video? when said gym i thought talk ymca gym not rock climb gym

  10. just a friendly observation. when i started lifting, i used to shrug similar to you in this video, rolling my shoulders back and forth. i was getting big and strong. then some pro's noticed and let me know that i could do some severe damage to my rotator cuff. they advised just going straight up and down or pulling up and back (pinching your shoulderblades together) at the top.

  11. I love Guava I grew up eating them but my tree died 🙁 sad times. I s volleyball good for some part of your body? Because I love it.

  12. calisthenics is more natural to human body movement and gives more physical body control. you can go all natural and your martial arts will be much stronger and fluid

  13. I have done climbing since I was little it's honestly a great sport because it uses every muscle in the body. A great whey to build strength.

  14. The music in this video is AWESOME, it just gets you right in the zone. Congrats, man! Cool videos (y)

  15. Hey jake

    I think I found something I'm better than you at XD kidding but I do have a question

    This video brought up a point my buddies pointed out in me

    My arms are built for grip. I rock climb a lot and my forearms are strong

    Now whenever I spar with say….. Katana, Bo, glave, or pretty much any sward, my grip is weak. I think this is because I first trained with a rapier which requires a light grip. Now I need some method for control. Do you have any?

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