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IT’S TIME TO GET RID OF THIS (Fat Loss Week 1) ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viEWYJo8g8I
Fat Loss Vlog ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL26HeTCO57qdk9OhgCEea7T-viu4eJqoX
Are You Who You Think You Are? ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7Z0qcEGECs

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Finding Success With Your Fitness Routine

To get the best from your health and fitness schedule and diet program, you must have the appropriate info so as to make the most effective decisions you may for yourself. Listed below are a bunch of ideas on ways you can get to the very best shape of your life and stay this way.

A wonderful way to get fit is always to meet with a expert muscle builder. A great deal of body builders get their personal websites in which they provide a service that gives you the opportunity to shell out to possess your very own consultation along with them. You can get their skilled tips on your diet and exercise routine.

As mentioned in the earlier mentioned in the introduction, health and fitness is very important to a healthy life-style. For complete wellness, health and fitness and excellent diet is very important for everyone. Stick to the helpful suggestions specified in this article for many interesting and fun methods to help keep your system in the very best condition probable.


  1. All that information (how much fat, protein and carbs) is really great but can you put all that in writing and post it under one of your vids so we can follow it and do it for ourselves (assuming that women can use the same program you do for losing our weight) or do you already have it written somewhere. You are really inspirational in your vids.

  2. So, on this topic (well, somewhat – it's really at best quasi-related), do you prefer normal situps or kimura situps and why?

  3. I have just started watching your videos bc I am trying to get motivated and your work is helping me. Thank you for posting your weight loss and putting yourself out there to be ridiculed…humans suck! Love you Chubby!!

  4. I wish I can do this if only I have big salary to buy healthier food and have time go to the gym atleast i might be healthier now…. Fuck my always overtime job!!!

  5. I did 200gs of carbs for a while. Didn't work for me… I've made better gainz on low carbs vs high carbs. Dope channel glad I came across it.

  6. I recently started a diet of my own and I'm trying hard not to eat unhealthy food.. Your videos are giving me so much inspiration. thanks so much

  7. Still fat. No one would think that was steroids or photoshop. Good transformation in 3 months however. Still needs another 2 months to be sharp.

  8. I was motivated to gain muscle and do a shit load of push ups and more motivated to lose weight and I'm still grinding to make the goal possible


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