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Hey everyone! When I realized I had put on too many extra pounds, I gave myself 8 weeks to whip myself back into shape. Here are my before & after weight loss pics. In this video I also explain why I gained weight, how I was able to quickly lose the weight, what workouts I did, the food choices I made, my Intermittent Fasting technique, and how to bounce back when you screw up on your weight loss journey.

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Why You Don’t Need Flat Tummy Tea:

Yum Yucky’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting: http://www.yumyucky.com/2014/09/yum-yuckys-guide-intermittent-fasting.html

Easy Dance Workouts to Lose Weight:

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What You Should Know About An Exercise Strategy

Physical fitness is approximately more than simply running around or seeking the portion. In order to have correct fitness, your body have to truly feel as well as seems like. This imply that ravenous oneself or consuming risky supplements is not getting beneficial to your fitness, in any way. As a result, ought to be prevented in return for these tips instead.

For healthy fitness staying hydrated is truly essential. The benefits of obtaining a lot of h2o tend not to end in the club doorway, although. Aside from driving an exerciser using a challenging exercise, a plentiful intake of water increases overall wellness and helps with food digestion throughout the day. Total moisture can be another component of an idea for general fitness.

When your personalized fitness schedule is going, you will discover that your particular training about them is never completed. This is a good thing. Continual understanding is helpful and even essential to keep and boost your fitness results and to assist you keep devoted. As soon as the expertise you gain makes sense very well, you are going to love the educational approach.


  1. I like 10:35 you sound like the coaches on the biggest loser. No bull! The zen music stopped, too, you tell them! So true!

  2. I love the comments about your age. I wonder what 43 is suppose to look like…. If you take care of your body, it will show. One thing I was able to get out of this video was, "there is a time and place for everthying, Chose wisely when to eat those foods". I lost 40lbs as well and gained  all but 5lbs back. I learned how to loose the weight, but I never changed my eating habits. When the eating habits returned, so did the weight. That was a diamond you dropped, atleast for me and Now I'm prepared to get back on the journey. Thanks Sis! First time viewer

  3. I kept seeing a lot of research saying that intermittent fasting doesn't work as well for women or has the opposite effect. Have you not found that to be true for yourself?

  4. Thank you for sharing, you got yourself a new follower.<333
    Im so excited to start again with my weight loss

  5. Thanks for the great tips. You look fantastic and you are a very gorgeous lady! WTG! Congrats!

  6. wow you look good for a grandmother and have four kids. I'm going to get my work out on

  7. Looking amazing!!!!! I actually am ding the same thing I love chocolate cupcakes! Ill have one a day but I exercise every day though

  8. I can never get over 1000 calories in because I'm just not hungry. it's week 2. Is that normal? And I've already lost 6 pounds

  9. I'm a new jack to your channel and I have to tell you, watching your videos truly blessed me beyond measure. I can't tell you how many of your videos I watched over the last few hours. Yes, the last few hrs! You have such great energy, a beautiful family, you're hilarious a natural beauty, down2earth, very inspiring, your words of wisdom brought me to 😭 in a few of your videos, and also your recommendation to check out Relentless Jake is another game changer for me! Thanking God for both of you! This has been a Win Win situation! It's time to start making moves😴 🙄 Thank you!

  10. I just subscribed and I needed this, I have 40 pounds to lose and when I mess up I want to give up. Thanks for the Peptalk

  11. Most helpful video I've seen in the past 2 years. It was like you were talking directly to me. Some foods are really not worth it because I always end up saying" why did i even eat that". I'm excited about fitness and losing weight but most importantly you make me want to recommit to the journey.

  12. This is by far the best video. You showed pictures, kept the dialogue moving, didn't linger too long on one part, nor were you redundant. Thank for addressing every issue I am experiencing. I'm a group Fitness dance instructor, teaching 5 -8 classes a week yet my stomach is always bloated. ugghh yuck! I literally look five months pregnant. Yet in the morning tummy not as big but as soon as I put anything in my mouth…BOOM…I bloated. I'm implementing your suggestions and tips. Thanks again and you look amazing!

  13. girl I am going to start dancing walking and lifting light weights….thanks for the movtivation

  14. YOU ARE AWESOME JOSIE !! I'm sure you've raised some fine children as well. So on spot and funny 😉

  15. Wow, you have motivated me!  Thanks for the kick in the butt smack down talk! Today, I am going to hit it hard.  You are so motivational that I subscribed!

  16. Love you so much. I truly enjoyed watching your video, I needed that motivation right now. I have been putting working out on the back burner because of my busy schedule. Now I am so motivated to start. Thanks a lot for the tips😊.

  17. Ummmmm, those sweet potato muffins are going to get me into trouble. Im'ma need that recipe 😂

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