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Carb The Fuck Up Lifestyle and Dietary Guide

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All the best tips you can get that I have learned in the last 400000km. If you can find a better book on cycling tips then I will literally eat my bicycle! Seriously, there is nothing like this ever written that is so updated and simple to understand.

Ideas for Helping You Get Into Shape

As folks age group, they generally let their exercise move. The pressures of any task(s), partner, and kids typically acquire precedence more than exercising. In case you are worn out of how you have let your body move, then follow these exercise tips listed below. They will allow you to get into the design you were in whenever you were actually a teenager.

Buy numerous sets of exercise outfits ensuring a single product complements all of the relax. Why spend some time looking through your closet and compartments for something which complements when you might be utilizing that period to exercise? Nobody truly cares what you are sporting so basic your exercise clothes selections on comfort instead of vanity.

Mentioned previously inside the previously mentioned inside the introduction, health and fitness is vital to some healthy way of living. For complete health, exercise and great diet is vital for everyone. Follow the useful tips defined in the following paragraphs for some interesting and exciting techniques to maintain your physique inside the finest condition probable.


  1. I came just give you a thumbs down, because as usual you are always just FULL OF SHIT.  nothing you say is accurate and you degrade anybody that says anything different than you.  you are the biggest  prick on a bike.

  2. going for a few minutes behind a pro racer in his recovery day does not entitle you to say "cycling with [name of a pro]"
    Start to be a man and not such a fucking pussy who beg for more views using names of popular people!

  3. old school EM, I know I said TCR was the one for the indipac but it would be awesome if you used the old school EM, updated of course

  4. Harley, gotta say you're a fucking boss. thanks for the constant no Bullshit inspiration.
    also, the kit is fucking hype
    cheers from Canada mate

  5. in 1982 i bought a frame like that, Columbus Aelle, but white pearl with chrome forque,such a beautifull frame.

    Campagnolo super record with Fiamme Rimms and Wolber Tubulars.great ride.

  6. That Eddy Merckx frame needs to have Campagnolo through and through maybe even down to the bearings. You should get the classic downtube indexed system Campy just released for their retro releases

  7. Best of luck in the race, nice to see you compete. Thanks for the frame, get 90's steel frames that are tig welded please. I'd love to see more of them.

  8. Harley you talk some shite…… come to Yorkshire if you wanna get fit. Adelaide is considered flat compared to here….

  9. That Merckx should have circa Dura-Ace as it was ridden. Anyone saying Campag is a noob. 
    Good luck finding that group set….

  10. Shitcunt put some effort in to making videos instead of changing the titles of previous videos.

  11. Cunt…… why didn't you just jump on some scales and just tell us how much weight you've lost? lol carb the fuck up….

  12. Also how do avoid being bloated when you're smashing carbs???? I'm literally having raw fruit smoothies before rides for carbs but I'm bloated af

  13. so all the pros live and train mostly in Europe with a few weeks in Adelaide every now and again. but yet you say you can't get as for anywhere else than Adelaide. fuck off dull cunt.

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