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Losing fat is one of the easiest yet hardest things to do when trying to get in shape. We all know what needs to be done but we don’t have the discipline to do it. In this video, I’m going to show you how pro athletes lose fat with a detailed fat burning workout that you can do and actually find fun at the same time.

We are changing the scenery and heading out to the baseball diamond for this base running fat loss workout. This revolves around the concept of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and how it can be used to dramatically raise the bar on your fat loss efforts. Here is the detailed workout for what you need to do.

Begin by sprinting a straight single down to first base. You are going to be covering 30 yards on each rep and will have your walk back to home plate as your rest period between sprints. Perform 4 of these before moving onto the next segment of this fat burning workout. Next up is the double. You want to run three doubles, and be sure to also run three scores from second base as well.

Each of these will involve more coordination and stamina as you negotiate the turns from first to second and then again from second to home. The effort level that you apply here should be as high as you possibly can without risking your safety around the turns of course. When you increase your workout intensity you dramatically increase the caloric burn that you experience when compared to a slower, more deliberate workout pace.

Next up you want to run three triples. Once again, these are even more intense than the doubles as you have to cover more ground and negotiate more turns. Before quitting however, you want to run 2 tags from 3rd base, which is a great running move that involves a quick change of direction between third and home and then back to third and home again. Master this move with maximum quickness and you will be working on much more than just fat loss.

Finally, bring it home with the inside the park homerun. This is grueling especially after completing the earlier segments of this fat burning workout. Try and run as fast as you can around all of the bases and resist the urge to slow down simply because your lungs are burning or your legs feel uncomfortable.

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Make Fitness a Priority in Your Life

A little bit education is an excellent method to produce getting into good shape significantly less irritating and puzzling. You do not need to devote big blocks of your energy to learning about fitness, possibly even the quickest glimpse from the solutions on the subject can produce very helpful information. This post will reveal just some of the quick concepts which could improve your fitness IQ substantially.

In order to achieve highest fitness, make sure you not placed pressure on one distinct part of the system for example the stomach region. You will not only primary give attention to this region and find yourself searching strange, nevertheless, you could danger damage too. Center on various parts of the body on various days and nights and ensure to perform workouts that utilize various muscle tissues.

For that reason, these tips reveal that getting back into shape is not really as hard you might think. It just takes some time, dedication, job, and determination. These are typically essential qualities not only for exercising, however, for life too. Provided you can succeed at being a parent, being married, and at your career, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t succeed along with your workout goals. So just go and practice it!


  1. Is it ok for me to run 6 miles a week and still gain muscle? I do a 3 day split with a push pull emphasis. I lift heavy and I superset 75% of my workouts. I'm not loosing my gut. I must admit my eating habits are not perfect but my goal is to get down to 15% body fat (currently 35%) 6'0 270 but athletic build. I've lost 16lbs since starting weight training however its not falling off fast enough so I would like to incorporate more cardio. I'm thinking twice a week (3 miles each) is this the right approach or will I lose my build because of the cardio?

  2. This is good for a baseball player, but for general purposes it would be better to split the workout and do half the running in the other direction (from home to third, etc.). That way you'd be working your left and right legs in the exact same manner…Also a good baserunner wouldn't be going that far off third and then tagging up. If the ball is deep enough to score, he's going to stay on the base and wait for the catch/drop. If the ball is shallow enough that he needs to make his way down the line in case of a drop, then he's not going to be able to tag up and score if the ball is caught.

  3. Jeff, can you cover ab shape? I wish my abs were more rectangular and blocky rather than just circular and I was wondering if there was anything that I could do about it. I would guess that it's mostly, if not entirely, dependent upon the rectus abdominus but I just wanna know for sure. I hope this made sense lol.

  4. Not all your subscribers are American Jeff, we don't play base ball in South Africa lol

  5. I search through all the videos and see very little content on leg exercises. Definitely do more leg videos.

  6. How quick are you Jeff? 🙂 back in my quicker sprinting days I'd run 100m in around 12.5 seconds. Not sure what my 40yard sprint speed was as im quite talk so have a slow start, never really timed myself for that aha

  7. you should cover like running posture. no feet posture but like, when I run I tend to swing my shoulders alot, and I feel like this tires me out alot when I run.

  8. great advice my cousin recently told me to start doing sprints instead of jogging to lose belly fat !!!

  9. Are you still doing the ask Jeff videos? If so could you do a video on you opinion of intermittent fasting?

  10. Do you have anything in mind for your supplement line to help the fat burning process in your new inferno shred program? or to aid in increasing lean muscle mass in your new inferno size program?

  11. Gracias por los videos Jeff! Este canal es la oda a la promoción de la salud. Felicidades!!!!

  12. in 1 of your videos u said eating better and supplements could work together in order to help loose fat belly and other wise do u have a particular 1 in mind and how much does it usually cost and what r the best workouts to apply with this diet supplement

  13. We used to do this at the beginning of the soccer season using half the field…and it was brutal

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