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In this video I will tell how to become a fat burning machine and fix damaged metabolism. I will discuss how to burn 5 kg Fat in 7 Days. There are no shortcuts, no steroids, no crash diets or fat burner pills involved in this. This is pure science where I will explain reverse dieting, damaged metabolism, thermogenic effect of food and non exercise activity thermogenesis. I will discuss some of the most ignored aspects of fat loss, metabolism and how you can lose fat really fastand explain the most scientific way to burn fat fast.

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By Abhinav Mahajan

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Abhinav Mahajan is an ISSA Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. Along with having more than 8 years of Experience in Fitness and Bodybuilding he also happens to have worked and traveled Internationally as a Fashion Model for over 3 years.

After delving into the world of Personal Development and Motivational Speaking, he has dedicated his life to help the Youth to reach their Highest Potential by achieving not only good aesthetics but also a fully functional body, a Healthy Mind, better Grooming Skills and address to some of the most common problems faced by the Youth.

Finding Fitness With These Ideas

A fit physique is key to health insurance and vitality. Along with great nutrients, healthful exercising is instrumental for some time and satisfied existence. Hitting the gym is good for the muscles, center and imagination. This content below features several tips and advice on creating and maintaining a suit physique.

There’s no rulebook that says you can’t have fun while working out. Having a good attitude and approaching your workouts the right way will increase your enjoyment of your exercise routine. Mix up your fitness routine by trying out these new suggestions.

If you would like alter your health and fitness, bear in mind, it depends on you! Ideas such as the ones presented on this page might be able to help you as well as keep you motivated, although the perseverance could only be performed by you. Use the following tips, specially on time while you are experiencing somewhat significantly less energetic.


  1. hy sir could u please told me how to decrease waist size my is 42 and i am in big trouble bcoz of this

  2. brother…how can i be your client? how can join your gym? how can i personally contact you and take your help?

  3. i have a question about thermogenic effect- Would chewing food for 32 times will decrease the no of calories / thermogenic effect to breakdown your food and will slow down( decrease) the metabolism in return? Because according the video thermogenic effect must be high so that one must use the calories to breakdown the food. Whereas chewing food few time could increase the thermogenic effect and more effort will be required to breakdown the food. or it only depends on type of food (carb,protein) intake?
    Will chewing the food will lower the thermogenic effect? In short what happens by chewing it many times rather than few times.
    Also can you make a video on how to get NEAT rise up to the maximum level? thanks

  4. sir i m big fan urs sir i m starting my diet according to u my parents are much impress by ur lectures
    sir my query is sir i want to increase my skin tone of body and make my face skin clean and smooth my skin is not much but have holes which is been occur due to pimples
    so how could make my skin smooth skin and fair skin by diet ??
    plz help me

  5. bro soon. 100k U inspired me to start a channel. One day i want to really be like u and collab with u to do a hybrid workout

  6. i was doing gym from last 6 months … but didnt lost more than 2 kgs … but my diet is normal.. about 2000 cal (sometimes 3k +) … is any problem with my metabolism
    my weight 96 kg

  7. brother I have torn my rotater cuff and I am not able to do any workout plz make a video how can I easily recover and start lifting heavy weights plz bro make a video on this,its the second most common injury which keeps guys stay out of the gym for a while and I don't want to stay out plz make it.

  8. Mahajan sir please sir reply. In whatsapp i got one msg. According to that message we cant eat banana with egg. In bodybuilding i used it alot. I always eat banana with egg. Please let me know sir. I will be soo thankful if will make one video on this topic.

  9. I'm 20 now, and my height is 5'5. how can i increase height.? is there any supplimemt to increase height? please guide me.

  10. Sir I have dislocated my left shoulder 3 times ..recently in January 2017…plzz suggest how to make it strong so that it won't dislocate in future…and to make it strong

  11. I get 25 gms(100gm) of protein from lentils and only 9 gms from wheat so i gotta eat 300gms to get complete protein from both of them but thats too much to eat to get 50gms ,if i eat that much i cannot eat other things then how do i manage to get complete protein.

  12. Abhinav Bhaiyya.. I'm a skinny guy of 19age..
    Can you give me.. A routine of food products for me.
    As well as recently I started to go gym also… so I will feel lucky if you give a ROUTINE for GYM WORKOUT and FOODS

  13. awesome videos bhaiya 💪 😉
    I am watching your videos for the past few days and u r doing well.
    Thanku bhaiya.
    I have started gyming as a begginer and still confused that whether whey protein contains steroids or not, I know it's a bullshit question 😂 but I have no idea, pls bhaiya let me know
    ki mjh lena chahiye ya nhi

  14. Could you please make a video for cravings for sweet and namkeen things and how to stop them and some alternates for them, bcz these spoil my diet and I am not able to cut. Please a request.

  15. Bro u go outof topic totally by not sticking to the point on which u started the video , honestly i found most of ur videos crap!

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