Discover “Carb Cycling” Tricks for a Flatter Belly:

Hey, everybody. Shaun Hadsall here with Get Lean in 12. And inside this short fat loss video I just want to quickly talk about how to count carbs. It’s a little label trick that you can use to keep track of your impact carb intake. Most people count carbs or lower carbs to lose belly fat, they do it all the wrong way. Number one, they don’t know how to track their carbs properly or they go extended periods of times on a low-carb diet. And what ends up happening is you suppress the critical fat-burning hormones that are necessary to keep your metabolism elevated and help your body continue to burn fat. If you don’t know how to strategically add carbs back into your diet the right way, then what ends up happening is fat loss is going to stop. You’re going to hit a plateau. So at the end of this video, I’ll share how you can do that.

In the meantime, I just want to talk about how to count your impact carbs. These are the carbs that spike insulin and impact blood sugar and can take your body out of the fat-burning environment, especially when you eat them by themselves. So let’s look at, for example, steel cut oats. If we look at steel cut oats, the first thing that we want to know if we’re going low-carb is, how many impact carbs does this have? Because we know this is a higher carb food.

If one serving has 32 grams of carbs and then five grams of fiber. So you would subtract 5 from 32 and you get a total of 27 grams of impact carbs. So this is still a very fat loss friendly food as long as you monitor your portions right. And then I recommend that you eat this in combination with some protein and maybe a small amount of friendly fat to help you balance blood sugar even more. Now here’s some almond butter. This is another fat loss friendly food, which has six grams of carbs and three grams of fiber. So two tablespoons of this only has three grams of impact carbs. You just have to remember to watch your serving sizes closely with friendly fats. Because friendly fats yield nine calories per gram. Carbs and protein only yield four calories per gram. So although this is a very fat loss friendly and healthy food, you have to watch your portion sizes carefully.

Last one is white rice. And I only recommend that high-intensity exercisers use white rice. And I recommend that when you eat it, again, you eat it with a protein, and maybe a vegetable, and then a small amount of friendly fat if you want. And this will help you stabilize and balance blood sugar more as well. But rice is mainly designed for anaerobic exercisers like myself. So high-intensity exercisers should be eating white rice. And I recommend you do that in the four-hour window after your weight training workouts.

But if we look at the label here, we have 34 grams of carbs and we have one gram of fiber. So we know we’re getting 33 grams of impact carbs. And this is only a quarter cup dry. So what’s going to end up happening is a serving size here is really off. You’re going to end up with about 60 grams of carbs when you eat about a couple of rice.

So hopefully this tells you how to count carbs the right way. Now, usually there’s a couple of different ways that people struggle with their carb intake. Like I mentioned, they either lower them too much and suppress their fat-burning hormones or they’re addicted to them. You can’t stop eating them because certain carbs, especially sugars, cross the blood-brain barrier and it impacts your brain just like heroin or morphine, so you become addicted. However, there is a way where you can eat lots of carbs and still lose belly fat. And somewhere around this video you’ll see a link to click or tap and you learn all about it. It’s my proprietary nutrition system called Macro-Patterning.

So if you got something out of this video, make sure you share it. Make sure you like it. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to check this out and keep going strong.

Great Advice for Getting Shape

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  1. Hello! a question: do we include vegetables (not the starchy ones) in our carb count? if so, which ones should we track? also, what do you think about Carb Cycling? thanks in advance! 🙂

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