Lying Leg Curls – This exercise will work your hamstrings.

To begin, lie down facing the lying leg curl machine:

– Place your feet under the foot pad. The pad should rest on the back of your achilles tendon.

– Grab the handles on the sides of the machine if present. Fully stretch your legs, keeping your feet neutral. This is your starting position.

– Be sure to keep your back straight as you exercise. Do not arch your back.

– Curl your legs in an upward motion, exhaling as you go up and keeping the upper portion of your legs from lifting. This is accomplished by bending the knee, making full use of your hamstrings. Concentrate on bringing your heels towards your glutes as you do this. Your hips should be firmly pressed into the bench.

– Hold this position for a brief moment.

– Slowly decline your legs back into the starting position and repeat.

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