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How To Do Pull Ups Without Pull Up Bar | 5 Alternatives

Today we answer the question, “How do I train pull ups if I don’t have a pull up bar??”

We share with you 5 alternative exercises you can use at home to train your pull ups and to develop the strength to learn your first pull up.

Shout out to Jerome Fitness where we found the Pull Forward alternate exercise. Make sure to check out his channel here:

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  1. Cool video thanks.. this one won me over to subscribe.!
    (that and the 1 exercise to burn fat. the burpee)

    By the way, when you have the back of your head towards the camera.. you look like ChewBaca!! coool!

  2. I tried this. My door broke, came off the hinges, the walls and house around me collapsed and caused the Earthquake that nearly blew up the nuclear reactor in Japan.

    I'm suing you for damages.

  3. you guys really gonna trust a guy who does pull ups on their door, puts a mini bball net above its imac, swinging nunchucks behind him while close to the imac, and putting its weight on that poor table?

  4. Next " how to do a push up without ground in zero gravity "

    Note : i wreked every door in my house cuz of this .
    Towels didn t work
    They got ripped out

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