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If you want to know how to get bigger shoulders, you better get ready to leave your ego at the door. In this video, I’m going to show you how to make your fastest shoulder growth gains ever by opting for lighter weights rather than the heavy ones that you might be heaving around right now. Of course, heavy training should remain a part of your shoulder workout routine, but choosing to exclude what you might feel are very light weights, is what is likely holding back the size of your delts right now.

Let me explain. The delts are one of those muscle groups that get a tremendous amount of assistance from other muscles in the upper body during their lifts. Take the push press or overhead press for example. Here you are not just training your deltoids but the triceps, chest, core and even legs. In an effort to move as much weight as possible, you likely use a large amount of momentum to move the weight as well.

While this is an effective way to build your overall functional strength, it tends to not work so well when you move along to other (less compound) movements like the side lateral raise for instance. But even here, we usually opt for the heaviest weight that we can move from point a to point b and feel that we are working our shoulders properly. That is, until you do a rep as I show you here and realize for the first time in your life perhaps that all along you may never have been training your delt specifically.

In order to place all of the work onto the shoulders, you need to eliminate the momentum generating muscles like the arms, traps and lower back. These muscle groups want so badly to kick in to generate the lift especially during the first few degrees of the movement. This is just like the front delts desire to take over the first part of the biceps curl that I covered in depth in another video.

You can’t allow it to happen. If you want to get bigger shoulders you have to figure out how you are going to be able to make the deltoids do virtually all of the work during any ancillary shoulder exercise like the side delt raise. Once you get the dumbbells half way up you are going to pause. This demands that you are in control of the weights and that they are not controlling you!

From here, reinitiate the lift and squeeze the shoulders as hard as you can to get the dumbbell to the top with your arm parallel to the ground. Now, lower the dumbbell half way down and repeat one more contraction to the top. Your shoulders will be on fire and you will instantly see how difficult it can be if you let your shoulders do the work rather than letting all the other muscles help as they normally do.

This can be humbling but the gains in muscularity are phenomenal. Use this technique every time you train your shoulders and you not only will see better shoulder development but your top end strength on your bigger compound shoulder exercises like the push press are going to improve as well. Increase the strength on the component muscles that make up the muscles relied upon in the compound lift and that lift will go up as well.

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Attempting to get fit is actually a key process. There are several things you should think about. Besides it include acquiring more physical exercise and training, you have to make positive changes to entire strategy for thinking of diet, health insurance and the method that you deal with your system from top to bottom generally. The following advice will show you how to deal with your system greater.

Psych oneself up! One of the best approaches to prepare your body for exercise is to also prepare your mind. Speaking oneself in your work out will help the mind discharge chemical compounds that help create muscle and shed weight. For this reason you can see countless muscle builders speaking with them selves just before they lift.

Keeping yourself fit can be hard until you get in the habit of training, however if you stay with it you will end up compensated by using a appealing body. With a little luck you now have some good exercise concepts and so are keen to use them to your upcoming run around the block or journey to a health club.


  1. Been doing this every shoulder day since I watched this video and it works. My side delts are more rounded and surprisingly leaner too.

  2. very nice, how much lean muscles do u think we can add per a 12 week ?or a year, because i heard that we just can add 2 lb per year

  3. Jeff, i owe you a lot because of your informative and free videos. If only i could thank you personally for the changes i have right now because of your body building education.

  4. I've been training for just over 2 years, and I must admit that I'm not quite sure if I'm lifting more on any of my isolation exercices since the beginning. These ridiculous (but awesome) technics are always bring me back down on weight because the exercice just keep getting harder.

    But I must say, the growth is there. There's no denying it. And my genetics is far from impressive.

  5. Guys i'm 14 years old and i just started working out but my gym instructor told me that i'm not gonna grow anymore because of light weight lifting is that true? please answer me.

  6. Just got back from the gym and tried these techniques. Amazing how well it worked, and how much better of a contraction I had. Keep up the science!

  7. Damn Jeff! You are the WIZARD OF BODYBUILDING! Gosh I can't believe that simple tweak makes lateral raises so so damn difficult now. My delts feel like damn fusion reactors during the raises!

  8. Someone already said this in a much older video but it's true AF so…. It's really useful that Jeff is ripped AF!! XD

  9. Can't believe millions of us are saving precious $$$ by watching this incredible tutorial.
    You're a legend, Jeff.

  10. Am I allowed to do this without a push bar and still get big shoulders? So only using the dumbbells

  11. How many reps I have to do of side laterals and shall I have to do it before I start any shoulder exercises? And how many reps?

  12. I feel some sort of impingement whenever I do side laterals. I don't recruit the traps by raising my shoulders, either. Anyone know what it might be?

  13. i was trying to do these at my gym and i thought i was a lil bitch caz i had to use those tiny weights…. thanks for making me realize it wasnt just me.

  14. I like this info… but if I wer working my mid to rear delts I think the pinkys up instead of thumbs up would work better.

  15. Jeff thank you so much for bringing the science back into lifting!!! I am down to 8% and am finally growing while staying cut! YOU ARE AMAZING! Your tips and video's keep me going!

  16. I've learned so much from this dude after years of working out. I'm going to make some actual progress

  17. I would love to get such training program but my parents think i'm already to much focussing on muscles 😥😥

  18. Yo! I have tried this only twice thus far and OMG rated PG it killed. In a good way! Shoulders already responding. Thanks!

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