For those of you wanting to learn how to row more efficiently and improve your rowing endurance, this workout is for you! We’re showing you how to improve force per stroke and overall rowing strength on the c2 rower with this doozy of a reverse pick drill!

This rowing drill consists of the following:
Stroke rating: 16
Damper Setting: 10
Legs Only: 5
Legs and Body: 10
Full Slides: 15

This is the perfect drill to help you do an analysis on your mental and physical rowing game because it’s gonna get reallll tough to keep your spm right at 16 when your body wants to give in. But we promise, this drill works and will only make you a stronger athlete and rower!

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  1. Did this, it was definitely more difficult than just rowing. Will keep trying it to see if it helps row longer.

  2. At 5'5, 160lb., I find it really hard and tiring to pull low stroke numbers but feel like a quicker cycle speed keeps the wheel spinning and makes the pulls easier and more sustainable. Not saying that approach is right just trying to grasp how a faster cycle rate doesn't translate to speed and what the split timer says. They say rowing is a tall athlete sport so would the stroke rate strategy be the same for shorter athletes as their tall counterparts? Now, I'm curious what Spealler's rowing game and numbers look like. He's going to the Games so maybe a future Masters interview could be in the cards.

  3. Did this exercise today, its fenomenal. I enabled me to focus on the difference between using tbe hip and not using the hip. eventualy i made better connection. excelent warm up drill.

  4. A great workout. Two tips – 1) if you have lower back issues, this needs to be done carefully. 2) I did it at 15spm which makes holding the rate simpler. 1 stroke every 4 seconds. 1 minute is the legs then legs/back part – next is a full minute of full stroke. 5 full reps. Hope this is ok DHR?

  5. All this videos works for any rower machine? Actually I have a cheap machine, so, can I use this info to improve my workouts? Thanks.

  6. Hi if i want to do this drill for my 13 year old son, what damper should i use instead of 10, so as not to injure him?

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