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  1. as stated in other comments as well, lifting off the heels is absolutely fine and done in literally every stroke(except sprinting and some people like to keep their heels down at the start). great video otherwise

  2. Wrong, you're supposed to allow the heels to come off the foot plate at catch, and if you say 'well then you wont have any connection on the drive phase it's actually an initial drive with the ball of the foot and then heel comes in about mid drive and adds a boost to the power. 'Not supposed to take heels off the foot plate' smh

  3. Your points are well made, Sir! Perhaps it is useful to instruct your audience by an apt meme. 'Keep your finish compact'. Meaning, only slightly lean back, even less than you show to be correct, for the exact reason you mention. A "compact finish" may increase your rhythm or stroke rate with only marginal loss to the drive's energy delivered, your point exactly! Alternatively, when you keep your stroke rate equal in stead, you benefit from more time to your recover, better resting your muscles and making for a sharper catch, mustering more muscle bundles in better synch, creating better acceleration during the first tenths of seconds of the drive, higher speed during maximum force, and power is force times speed.

  4. Just be aware that your heal is supposed to rise at the catch and that the drive should be "toes to heals". If you doubt this, look at the foot stretcher… the ball of the shoe is fixed but the heal is designed to rise… look at real rowing boats… it is the same.

  5. Okay, but in real rowing is lifting of the heel at catch very normal for a good length of the drive. Knees just above the ankles. You can keep connection with the forefoot (heads of the metatarsal bones). Also on the ergo (concept2, RP3). In this video is your drive with the legs now too short.

  6. Ooh yes. I kind of figured out that going too far back (too wide of an angle) was just exhausting, and I couldn't go faster than 30m/s for any significant amount of time. All those points– heels down, not going too far forward on/bending knees too far, leaning back too far– ensure that you don't lose potential energy in your stroke. As soon as those angles are violated, you have to work harder to basically get your stroke going again; they break your stroke….not to mention possibly causing some crappy injuries like overextended knees, low back problems from not engaging your abs and letting the back bow forward, and so on. Awesome video.

  7. Impressive knowledge for a non rower. Would like to see a stronger catch position though. If you compress a bit more into the catch you will gain more length by getting more out of your legs. If you see at 2:33 your butt is almost half the way up the slide. You can see at 4:30 that you are using your upper body to get more length slightly which is a weaker position. Rowing is mostly legs so if you can get more out of your legs = more efficient rowing and faster times.

  8. Finally!!!!! Somebody teaching heels down. I always used to the comparison to squatting. Maybe people will listen to you.

  9. What if you find it difficult to keep your knees from flaring out and not being able to keep them under your elbow like you explained?

  10. Nailed a 1.41 per 500m for 45 mins last night………13840 meters.. i watch these vids for a bit of motivation. I.ll try these tips tonighy….

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