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Move Your Body With These Fitness Tips

As you become more mature it is vital to keep a good fitness level. In this article we will reveal distinct methods you can keep oneself in great shape. Utilize the next information on exercise to your daily lifestyle, in order you age group, it is possible to far better adjust to the alterations in your body.

Push-ups could be a excellent exercise for somebody trying to preserve or improve his very own, personal exercise. Push-ups can be achieved in many different areas, for example the house or office. Also, there are a selection of drive-ups that can be done to be effective distinct muscle groups. Push-ups are a great way to work towards your exercise.

In order to change your exercise, keep in mind, it is perfectly up to you! Recommendations just like the kinds given in this article may be able to allow you to and also inspire you, but the perseverance could only be carried out by you. Use the following tips, especially on days while you are sensation a bit less energetic.


  1. Hey Bart, I enrolled in the 12 week bench program. You're saying here in the video description that it comes with a mini E-book and an explanation on how to customize the program. However I can't find this anywhere. Also your 2 favorite bench variations, the Floor Press and CGBP, are completely left out. Does this mean that you followed a personalised version of the program with these movements incorporated? Feedback would be appreciated! Greetings from Holland

  2. Did the 12 weeks, followed it to 100% and still didn't get an increase in my bench. I don't think this program works for beginners. Benched 117.5kg 12 weeks ago and was going for 120kg+ today but failed. I would rather recommend Mark bells program.

  3. i bench 370 max i find though im not far off on my incline from flat i bench 315 3 times incline only 4 times flat why is this anyone.

  4. I watched Jennifer Thompson, 5 time world champion power lifter and saw her "Heavy Load" video. After trying it every other week, I actually made gains on reps. I compete in the Senior Games and won the Gold Metal for benching, 60-64, middle weight at 265#. I wanted to compete again but only if I could do a competition 285. A year before I turned 65, I could only do 280 on a good day. I was frustrated because I wasn't making any gains. About 3 months before the competition, I started do singles at 285 for 3 sets. Once I could do them consistently, I went up 15# to 300. Same thing happened when I could do consistent single reps at 300, I suddenly jumped to 320. On competition day, I did an easy 320 at 65 years of age.

  5. hey i see the free 6 week program dont have any tricep work although u emphasize how important the triceps are in pressing more weight.

  6. Can I do this program when I'm just starting to lift? I'm 5'4 150 lbs just to add some insight

  7. Hey Barbell Brigade fam!! I just finished this awesome program today and it was extremely beneficial. I was able to increase my bench by 10lbs in a month and a half while being on a caloric deficit. Today I hit a PR of 315lbs after losing 30+ lbs at 17 years old. Thanks to Bart, Silent Mike, and Omar for this. I'm extremely thankful for all you do and I hope everyone else ends up with the results they strive for.

  8. Another bullshit get rich quick it won't let you see anything unless you pay 13 bucks lol Watta joke

  9. Just want to thank you, silent mike, and Omar Isuf. Im enjoying the program so far and filming all 12 days of the program!

  10. Downloaded the program, just a quick question on percentages. Base on the percentage, let say at week two the 80% of a max is 172 would you recommend to bench at 170 rounding down or 175 rounding up?

  11. Ill stick with my current bench workout. Benching 3x a week (heavy, light, medium days). i have put on 65 lbs to my bench and gained 15 lbs in the past 6 months using it. Sitting at 280 and weighing 201.

  12. Why is the program gone? I checked the email and it's not there. The website is also down

  13. Can someone explain the RPE scale so that a 7 year old could understand it? (i will not disclose whether I am 7 or not)

  14. Last year, after you said that tris can increase your bench, I immediately tried and and last year I was benching 95 to now 145. Thanks Bart!

  15. Nice job with the 380lbs. Does anyone know how much Bart weighs? I'm guesstimating it's double his body weight.

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