We’ve all been there… One moment you’re fired up for your goals and future sexy self, ready to diet and conquer the world. The next? Not so much… This video will teach you all about how to stay motivated to lose weight backed by science!

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But after just a couple days, you’re back to binge eating chips and watching hours of Netflix.

What is happening?

Why is it so difficult and what does the science say about motivation?

Today, we’re going to be answering these questions and uncovering the real solutions to how to stay motivated to lose weight, backed by scientific solutions.

Point #1. Motivation is fleeting and losing weight takes time

The main problem people face when wondering how to stay motivated to lose weight is that motivation wears off and temptation will always exist.

My boy Zig Ziglar has a good quote about the solution to this:

“People often say motivation doesn’t last, well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

The secret here is to use our incredible 21st century technology to keep reinvigorating yourself with more motivation.

The easy ways to do this are:

• Listen to daily podcasts on being healthy
• Read books our use audible.com to listen to health and fitness audiobooks
• Or even attend conferences and events held on health and fitness

All of these things will help re-inspire you and keep you motivated

Point #2. Everyone has limited amounts of willpower

Have you ever noticed it’s easier to make tough decisions in the morning but harder to make them evening?

This is because your willpower, similar to a muscle, is a limited resource.

After a long day of hard decision making, a psychological syndrome called decision fatigue sets in and makes it more difficult to say no to that pizza

The solution here is to use habits instead of relying on willpower.

Habits, since not consciously made, don’t dip into those willpower reserves and are decisions made on autopilot.

Simple habits like drinking a large glass of water right when you wake up or not eating after 7pm are easy to establish and will help you when your motivation and willpower fades.

Point #3. Progress can be deceiving

The mirror plays games when It comes to losing weight and getting in shape.

Many dieters have experienced the situation where they are losing weight and feeling better, but are seeing no physical results in the mirror.

This can be crazy frustrating.

The solution is that measurements don’t lie.

It may not sound sexy, but diligent tracking progress is crucial for success

• Yes, take photos, but also make sure to
• Weigh yourself
• Take measurements
• Take videos
• And keep studious track of these records.

Progress = motivation and this will keep you from getting discouraged by the mirror.

Point #4. Being healthy doesn’t have to suck

When most people think about getting health and fit they envision eating dry chicken breast, bland broccoli, and running for hours on the treadmill.

It doesn’t have to be like that, nor should it.

Find something you love, especially when it comes to exercise

• Yoga
• Pilates
• Boxing
• Crossfit
• Booty Bootcamp
• Biking
• Running
• Hiking
• Weight Lifting
• Prancercising
• Kayaking

The are A TON of options

With all those options out there, you have no excuse not to find something you love and can stick with.

Remember a perfect workout routine you hate is going to be less effective than finding a type of exercise you love and can stick with.

Point #5. Design small rewards for sticking to the plan

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

We humans may think we are complex and gifted beings, however, we are still simple animals.

Basic reward systems in almost all major weight loss studies work on us just like our furry brethren.

As talked about in our previous video on New Year Resolutions, reward systems work.

Having a cheat meal once a week or even a reward day every few weeks on a diet can provide a lot of psychological relief and something to look forward to on those more temptation filled days.

So in summary the solutions for how to stay motivated to lose weight are:

#1. Find a daily source of motivation
#2. Focus on establishing 1-2 core habits you can stick with
#3. Track your progress diligently
#4. Find a type of exercise and diet plan you ENJOY
#5. Reward yourself for sticking to the plan

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Tips for Getting in Shape

For many individuals, getting fit appears like a hopeless project. It takes time as well as strength and doesn’t look like everything that enjoyable. Nevertheless, with all the appropriate exercise plan, designed to what you can do and everything you get satisfying, getting fit and keeping fit might be a long-term interest. Subsequent are a few recommendations to get into the golf swing of stuff.

After you have embarked on the new exercise regimen, you may well be tempted to overdo it. To create your power and strength, you ought to drive on your own only a little more any time you enter into your preferred activity. Stretching out after is crucial to making certain you shield the muscle tissues you will be building.

If you would like improve your exercise, recall, it is perfectly up to you! Suggestions much like the versions presented in this article just might enable you to and in many cases keep you motivated, nevertheless the work could only be performed by you. Use these guidelines, specifically on times when you are sensation a bit significantly less lively.


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