Since a longer Time I haven’t created some content that is more directed towards Beginner Climbers. So I thought I’ll ask myself the Question: If I had to start from scratch again, what would I do DIFFERENTLY? Are there any REGRETS?
Hopefully this advice will help some of you guys out there to progress a bit faster. As always, don’t forget to drop some likes and opinions if you’ve got something from the video, thank you for your attention and I’ll see you in the next one!

If I was a Climbing Beginner again, What would I do Differently ? Elder Baboon Wisdom.

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  1. Hi Mani
    I'm a beginner and indeed those are good tips. I often full myself not doing what I supposed to instead planning (neverending). Thank you for sharing! Let me know if you stop at Mexico City 🙂

  2. really helpful! I have been climbing for two years now and i just got my first fingure injery indoors crimping. i had just gotten really good at crimps and started to go nuts over this grip type. wish i had known before not to crimp indoors
    but im deffently working on my open hand grip now!

  3. I will have to say… yes! Reject climbing grades… when I first started climbing i was made well aware of climbing grades, and I kinda knew what grade I could climb at. So Naturally when I was presented with a climb "above my grade" instantly I thought "too tough…" and I didn't even want to attempt….

    And now i don't want to know the grade because I feel that is a limiting factor… I look at a climb now and think" this looks fun!" And I try it. If I can do it Great!… if not, then I look at the grade 😉

  4. Thank you mani, i will stop crimping indoors. I will try and use 3 finger grip all the time because before i only did it when i was not tired.

  5. This is really great! I've been consistently climbing for about a year now and have been striving to always attain the next V grade. It sounds like it's much more important to sit back and enjoy the journey instead of constantly trying to attain something I don't yet have. Your philosophical approach to climbing is a lot more wholesome, I think. Thanks man!

  6. I lost one year of progress because I climbed on top rope for a year… So if you wanna be sport climber start lead as soon as possible!

  7. Would you rather do fully open grips rather than half crimps? I was under the impression that half crimps builds strength that applies more to other grip tecniques than vice versa?

  8. you may have already done this but can you do a beginner structured workout video? For example, what moves to practice? how often you should climb, exercies in a climbing gym? exercises in a regular gym? etc. i kind of like having a plan that if i follow i know i will improve. Thanks

  9. Hola Mani! Thanks for all the great videos, I have one very special important request for beginners… I'm dying for a tutorial on body positioning/center of gravity! I'd love to see you explain the basics of how to shift weight and maintain stability!

  10. Hey Mani – at some point down the road doing a "what I would do differently" for us "intermediate" climbers who want to be advanced. In my case, I can boulder indoors at the V7 level, and lead at the 5.12 level indoors and outdoors. Of course now the challenge is going to the V10 level, for example, and the 5.13 level leading. I see many, many climbers stuck at the intermediate level…seemingly forever!

  11. The top tip I got when I started climbing 7 or 8 years ago came from one of the old guys: Silently footwork. Sounds (!) a bit silly, but if you pursue this you will have to look at your feet to make accurate moves, and in the end that will vastly improve your footwork technique. Also, flag more. And heel hook. In genera:l footwork is the key!

  12. Hey Mani, i'm one of those people who sub'd because of your beginner videos. Love what you're doing with the channel and hearing about the advanced stuff is really useful too. I know this sounds strange but have you got any advice when it comes to progressing from grade to grade? I used to boulder for around a year and I only ever got to doing some V3's, I moved house and found a top rope climbing center near my new place, after about 4 months I managed to get back to doing V3/4s but I feel like this progress is slow and that I should be on 4-5s. I find it easier to push myself out of my comfort zone and take risky moves now that I have a consistent belay partner that I trust, I was wondering what do you think I should do to improve? (Also I don't ever full crimp 😛 I think someone gave me that as advice when I started)

  13. Hi, would like to have a very advanced foot tutorial: not just where to put the foot and in which direction, but also how to decide how to apply the force (how much force, how much pushing toward the wall, how much pulling on your foot, how to twist the hip, the knee, etc)thanks

  14. i always wonder why we put ourselves through so much pain, i'm starting to ask myself if it's really worth it. i'm climbing at v4-6 and the odd v7 after 5 months and feel like I'm plateauing in terms of progress but the after effects have always been the same. same amount of pain but it heals quicker. I wish i heard your advise about keeping an open palm on crimps a lot sooner so that i could have avoided a few a2 injuries. I thought holding full crimps on some of the problems helps me become a better climber. Also it feels good to do a problem with a high grade, thats probably why i full crimp.

  15. hello mani, great videos!
    have a question regarding training with no possibility to climb (6months), what do you think about this bodyweight training – what repetitions would you suggest? how many hang sessions per week should i do additionally ? i climb around V5, had a break of 2 years where i climbed solid on V6 and some V7s.. slowly regaining my fittness. plan on doing bodyweight 2-3 months then focusing more on core and fingers. gonna take a rope ladder with me and maybe rings.
    any input would be greatly apreciated (here or via pm)
    grüße von mani zu mani 🙂

  16. I totally agree with your point on grade respect! I just recently figured out that what I had thought what would be my grade limit is in fact not my limit. I expected the lower grades to feel a lot easier when I progress, but they don't really feel that different. Somehow the range between "hard" and "impossible" has just become a lot wider…

    Another point that I would add to the advantages of doing the thing you're trying to improve as much as you can is the ability to evaluate your weaknesses. If you practice again and again, you will have a much better idea about what to work on in your training. If you're bad in overhanging walls, training body tension specifically would be a good idea etc…

  17. Hey Mani, definitely would like to chime in and say that I'd appreciate your beginner friendly stuff more. Your recent videos have been really cool to see but as I'm nowhere near that level yet / have yet to climb outside, it's more of a "nice video to watch" than an instructional one. With that in mind, I wanted to ask how you got started outdoor climbing and what equipment do you need for it? Specifically sport climbing. It's a little intimidating to start outdoors when you've been training indoors all this time, and the top ropes are all nicely set up and everything.

  18. Your advice about needing to go out of your comfort zone is spot on and has reminded me of what i need to do to step my game up! Thanks man keep up the great content

  19. Hello Mani, great video! Im a beginner too and since I went outdoors i became more scared and climb worse in the gym. I believe my climbing style also change to be more focused on hands. Any tips on going outdoors and over coming fear – controlled climbing.

  20. Thank you for making the videos for beginner !! it made me really happy u listen to my comments!! I'm flattered n I appreciated it for all your help and advice and tips you are my hero !! I love you man 🙂

  21. Could you please make a video analyzing the climbing moves of Jain Kim, perhaps you could take bits and pieces from this one

    It'd be cool if you could try and explain what she might be thinking in terms of how she positions her center of gravity and what she does to achieve that placement. In what order she moves her limbs depending on the next hold she will go to, and so many other things she might be doing that as a beginner I cannot see.

    Thank you.
    Love your channel, it's helped me improve considerably after I started watching all your videos.

  22. Again, great video! I do have a question:

    I've been climbing for around 9 months (three days a week) in the gym and going outdoors a few times (sport). I've recently been climbing v5 projecting v6, but I find I can only do problems that are crimp heavy (just like you talked about!). I've found a great training resource called that will have me doing a lot of pull-ups, shoulder/core workouts, and campusing to make me stronger so I don't have to rely on crimping so much. So, my question is, should I do something like this training program which puts me in the training room more? Or should I be doing problems that are more focused on open hand crimping/pinching/sloping to increase my overall hand strength?

    Thanks Mani!

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