Tree Pose (Vriksasana) is a standing balancing yoga posture that building strength in the legs, stretches the hips, and builds concentration and mental focus. This posture can be done almost anywhere. In this video I show you a few different variations of the pose, talk about drishti (the focal point for the eyes), and the intention of the lower body and upper body. For more information on Tree Pose, head over to my blog:


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Want to Get in Great Shape? Try These Terrific New Ideas!

For lots of people, getting into good shape may seem like an impossible process. It requires time and vigor and doesn’t look like all that enjoyable. Nonetheless, together with the proper exercise prepare, personalized to what to do and what you locate pleasurable, getting into good shape and keeping yourself suit could be a lifelong pastime. Pursuing are a few tips to gain access to the swing of stuff.

If you are training daily, make sure you give yourself a break every when plus a while. Selected a getaway or maybe a time when you find yourself unwell. You will need to enable your body recuperate, and supplying your crack can easily assist you in the process of healing.

One important thing you should do is ensure that you workout every area of your body. You do not will need to determine all areas of your body daily, but rather have got a schedule of accomplishing various things and a number of the identical workout routines each day. It is important to workout every area of your body with assorted exercise routines.

Therefore, obtaining and keeping yourself suit does not have to get the unreachable pinnacle in your own life. It’s only a matter of building up vigor by doing some thing you like, a task which gets your pulse rate up and that can be done at the very least once or twice every week. A schedule like this may well not get you to into an Olympic legend, but it can present you with a proper physique, keep your body weight down, and make you feel better about your self.


  1. I'm taking up your offer to suggest videos–I'd love one on doing cobra pose. I just never ever feel like i'm doing this in a meaningful way. Ta!

  2. Lee, what are your tips for stopping your foot front sliding down towards your knee as you're holding tree pose?

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