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Dark Horse Rowing is built for indoor rowers and gyms who want to use the rowing machine as a tool for their training, workouts, weight loss, and recovering from injury.

You’ll get workouts, coaching, and support all around the Concept 2 rowing machine. This is THE place to get great workouts and understand the rowing machine.

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Strategies for Getting Into Great Shape

Getting into shape doesn’t ought to suggest a lot of time of grueling routines in the club. This information will cover several methods that can help you get in shape both at home and in the club.

Despite the fact that sporting a body weight belt is ideal while in expense presses, squats, and also other maximal lifts, it must not be worn on a regular basis. By education routinely when sporting the body weight belt, you may actually reduce the usefulness and color of your respective abdominal and minimize back muscle tissues, for that reason compromising your challenging-gained muscular energy.

As you can see, getting match is not hard to combine into your routine. You need to take the initial techniques and initiate your wholesome lifestyle physical fitness timetable right now. The advantages will probably be your own property for a lifetime and the folks you realize are certain to see the variation in your visual appeal and perspective.


  1. it's weird how different drag factors are on different machines, on mine a damper setting of 3 is a drag factor of 120

  2. so much fun getting back to older videos with more knowledge and know how. after rowing for more then 6 months, the videos are making much more sense! Dark horse rowing rocks! thanks for great content!!

  3. As the new owner of a Concept2D, happy to learn this stuff as it sure isn't explained as clearly at the Concept2 site. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the informative video. I've been rowing on a Concept 2 at the gym recently, and I'm looking at pulling the trigger on buying my own. What drag factor would you recommend for a 5' 10", 160 lb man? Goal is just to get a good workout, not any competitive racing.

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