Today Jay Cutler is at Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas for an intense leg workout. So strap on your belts and get your knee wraps ready as the 3-time (going on 4-time?) Olympia champion shows you how to do it for legs! (HD Reupload)
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  1. Please max out and tell us what your real weights are… dont lift light. Give us a real number so we can 'attempt' to compete.

  2. Jay the fridge cutler! Smartest BB of all time! He doesn't train as heavy as other Prob BB, but he knows his stuff

  3. For those bitching about how they use drugs, its not like they don't work their ass off to achieve what they have achieved. It enhances recovery and muscle protein synthesis. If you take drugs and don't work your ass off then you'll still be pathetic looking lol

  4. Guys, dont do squats in a smith machine. It grossly compromises your lower back and its not a natural movement for your body.

  5. I'll tell you one thing. The more it hurts, the more it sores, aches. Your body is basically crying-out for more. Keep in mind if you get sore after working-out, OH NO, I need to work-out again. Simple. If it's sore you need more. Resulting in 'MAXING-OUT'.
    Flys' and scissors help rid you from cramping.
    Even reading for 15 minutes a-day before or after even when ever helps in reaching your goals.
    Getting sore is pushing for more.
    Dehydrating and being unmotivated is your prob. / (problem)

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