Jonah Hill Starving Himself For Weight Loss!? – Jonah has been in the movies for years and we have seen him mature as a actor and as a person. Admitting his poor diet in the past now he has decided to start being more healthy and concous about what he eats.
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Finding Success With Your Fitness Routine

Getting into form doesn’t ought to indicate hours and hours of grueling workouts at the gym. This post will protect several ways that will help you get in shape both at home and at the gym.

Find some good sun and outdoors! It’s simple to succumb to feeling of boredom and grow fully non-active when we are always restricted to the inside. Make an attempt to obtain outside for a minimum of a couple of minutes each day. It will boost your disposition and tremendously enhance your probability of doing exercises.

When your personalized fitness program is underway, you will learn your training about the subject is never done. This is a great issue. Continual understanding is useful and also necessary to maintain and boost your fitness results and to assist you to keep committed. If the knowledge you obtain repays very well, you will quickly enjoy the training process.


  1. keto diet is better then this shit. You see results in a week and you eat high protein portions so that means you can eat chicken,meat,diary, but no carbs

  2. Stop hating guys. No they are no nutritionists they just listen to the hard scientific evidence that supports a plant based diet.

  3. Love you guys! Can you do more what I eat in a day please šŸ™‚ I'm a new vegan, previously vegetarian! šŸ™‚


  5. Most are not seeing the real issue here. He is very rich…..he can hire chefs, trainers, nutritionists…. not to mention he can take weeks to months off between films… reality is 99 percent of us cannot do this. there for it changes everything… case closed!

  6. are these guys certified nutritionist????…….. didn't think so , in all honesty these guys look so unhealthy

  7. Eggs don't make you gain weight full of protein and good Fats in the yolk! šŸ˜‚ LOL Mark UK

  8. Currently in my 9th month of trying to lose weight. The first 5 months were slow and practically ineffective. It finally picked up pace when this supplement came in the mail. That's when fat started disappearing. 4 months with weightloss green store tea and I'm down 30 pounds which is more than I ever expected to lose.

  9. What does this have to do with him "starving himself?" No where in interviews or in this video was that even a topic…more lame trolling and clickbait

  10. Everything you need? What about taste? If you guys love the flavor of vegan food congrats man but most people hate it.

  11. AMAZING video again guys!!! Been a fan & supporter from the very start! Love your positivity!!!! I think you educate people so so well… in such a way that is so powerful & also being kind at the same time! (unlike others). Cannot wait to see you both get even bigger & start to reach MORE people! (applause)

  12. I hate both of you so much all you guys do is just give youtubers or famous people a bad name from eating disorders? Maybe they are just on a diet, did that ever come to your thick heads? Do you really think that people are going to like you for this? Because all of your subs are cunts.

  13. Why have you done a video on this guy. This was a total waste of time. You should just congratulated him for losing all that weight, that's it, PERIOD.

    Why have you titled it starving himself to get slim.. He has changed is lifestyle and has got up an expert Nutritionist. So he has got a lot of help. I think it's rude of you and insulting and a slanderous to say he is starving himself to get slim. Stop doing this misleading headlines on your thumbnails. Are you becoming the same as that bully Freelee. šŸ‘ˆ I think you are falling into that trap. Stop trolling people and do something positive. Jona is doing fine he does not need your help he has a nutritionist so he is not going to listen to you. He will find his own way.

    What you need to do is find away to spread the message without these videos on individual people because if it was done to you you would not like it. SO STOP TROLLING. You are starting to look like Freelee just looking for people to do a video on. Stop picking on others. .. Enough with this series. STOP

    You don't have the balls to call out Vegan Gains for all his nasty, dugusting bullying he does to other youtubers but you spend your time doing this shit. Leave people alone they will find Veganism on their own steam in their own time. . Just like you did. šŸ˜„šŸ˜†
    Call out the bad guys who harm the vegans with nasty trolling like Dickrider, Freelee and you best pal Vegan Gains. šŸ‘

    Are you working with. PETA?? No. What are you doing to aproach the Directors, the CEO'S, the Manager, the Govnor, the Polititions The people that run these factory farms. ?? What have you done that can help those people at the top of those meat, eggs , dairy and fish corporations to listen to the message. ???? Nothing.

    You are messing around with X is causing eating disorders this is starting to look like harrassment. Do some real work. You gave up your job to goof around on live chat. Wow. Real progress.

    You could be a significant Vegans who raises the bar. You could start an online pitition, you could go down to your local council house and talk to your members of government.

    What the on earth are you boys doing. It's boring the same thing over and over. X is causing eating disorders.
    If they are not vegan then leave them alone. Doing a video about them upsets them turns them angry against vegans. Don't do it. People don't have to be vegan if they don't want to, it's their choice.

    Stop doing videos on other people unless you are calling out someone for doing wrong to others. Don't get caught up in doing the same thing as Freelee. Find a unique aproach to your chanel because now it's starting to be the same as Freelee. It's boring and offensive. What people eat is their business.. Don't focus on one person go out there and find away that is different but effective way that is not abusive to anyone else. I'm holding you to a higher level. I'm holding responsible you to make that change and stop pussying around young women's chanels.
    Remember other youtubers are not responsible for what their subscribers eat. But if you insite subscribers to harrass or bully other youtubers then that is your responsibility. So don't send views to others people chanel to tell them what they should do. THAT IS BULLYING. And YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. So boys check yourself. I love you but your heading down a slipery slope. Peace and Love.šŸ’– šŸ‘ šŸ‘Œ šŸ‘Œ From me in the UK.

  14. Could you please do a video on Roxxsaurus?? She posted a video about her summer nighttime routine, and she ate some chicken in it! She has a pet dog, please try to educate her and make her see the connection!

  15. I'm pretty sure Jonah lost weight in 21 Jump Street, but ended up gaining weight again afterwards. How old is this ?

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