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[EXPAND TO VIEW LINKS] Welcome yogis! Today we will do an hour long vinyasa flow practice to get you into dancer’s pose with strength and stability! This practice will begin with a seated meditation as well as some core work which will help us with focus and balance for dancer’s pose. You can expect some great standing transitions done in a slow (never rushed!) way to help you improve your balance. Dancer’s pose requires open shoulders and hips, flexible hamstrings and quads and there’s a bit of a backbend involved too so we will work on all those things to work up to this pose. I’m not using any props for this practice but feel free to grab a strap just in case.

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  1. Wow I actually managed it by the end and I didn't think I would…a wonderful class kassandra thank you so so much

  2. thankyou so much for your hard work kassandra 😀 this is a great video for someone transitioning from intermediate to advanced <3

  3. if do yoga daily however if I am having issues getting into a pose such as dancers how often should I be working on that pose in order to perfect it? Do i have to do it daily? if so how many attempts each time I practice? Thank you love your work and your calming voice!

  4. Thank you for the long savasana! Its nice to relax without the next video starting!!! Great class!

  5. wow this is already my second practice for today. i love the clarity of your voice and instruction,i can easily follow thru. can you use some music towards the end? i love longer shivasana but im afraid i might fall asleep without your ques 🙂

  6. Love all your classes! They are so creative and varied. I love the one you do just for women, I do that one at that time of the month and it is exactly what I need!! Thanks and keep posting classes..Namaste!

  7. Your sequences are absolutely incredible!! So inspiring and fun, it makes it so that I look forward to taking your classes, even though I still break a sweat and get a great workout! Thanks Kassandra!

  8. This was so fulfilling for me today! I trained back at the gym earlier, so this was a beautiful stretch and release from that! Thank you!

  9. Dancer's pose is certainly a tricky pose! In this 60 min flow we properly warm up and work our body in order to master this challenging balancing pose. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Please remember to subscribe, it makes a big difference and helps support free online yoga!

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