Jump, Lift, Crunch, and Resist Workout by Trish King 

16″ and 24″ elv
Heavy med light weights
Warm Up:
1. Butt kickers
2. Swimmer arms (standing and in plank)
3. Prisoner squat jacks
4. Runners lunge + twist
5. Downward dog and cobra
6. Jumping jacks

Circuits: 25:25:25:25:20, do the interval for each combo and repeat 2x=28 mins 

Set 1: 
1. Squat jump burpee
2. clean and press
3. v abs
4. frog push up
Set 2: 
1. iron legs
2. bicep curl
3. elevated plank kick through
4. tricep push-ups 
Set 3: 
1. skaters
2. weighted bridge
3. Russian twist
4. commandos 
Set 4: 
1. heel click, donkey kick 
2. squat
3. star abs
4. flying leg push-ups 
Set 5: 
1. Burpee heel grab
2. army press
3. ball pass
4. back extension on ball
Set 6: 
1 broad jump,180 drop and pop
2 curtsy lunge left
3 side plank dip left
4 half step up pulse left
Set 7: 
1. two lunge jumps + 2 180 squat jumps
2. curtsy right
3. side plank dip right
4. half step up pulse right

AMRAP set: 12 mins

Jump AMRAP 3 min
5 burpee
5 handstand tuck jumps
5 sumo squat jumps

Lift AMRAP 3 min **sorry I somehow forgot to do this set! Set your timer for three minutes and go for it!!**
5 Squat and press
5 swings 
5 curl and upright rows

Crunch AMRAP 3 min
5 ball knee tuck
5 leg circles 
5 plank hip dips

Resist AMRAP 3 min
5 wide stance push-ups
5 pike elbows to hands push ups
5 single leg push ups (alternate)

40 star jumps
35 high knee toe taps 2=1
30 hip thrusts 
25 chest press
20 full release rev lunges (down to a kneeling position , 10 per leg) 
15 ball lat pull overs
10 t Stand push-ups 
5 donkey kicks per leg 

Tabata pairs 4 min each pair 12 mins 
Pair1 : star jump handstands
           Plank kick outs
Pair 2: squat and deadlift
            Runners Lunge toe taps
Pair 3: step ups 
            Suit case crunches 

Finisher:40:20 (20 sec skaters)
1. Burpee deadlift
2. Dragon lunges
3. Scissor abs
4. V crunch left
5. V crunch right

Firm Up and Look Great With These Fantastic Tips

Getting in form doesn’t must mean hours and hours of grueling workout routines at the gym. This article will deal with several ways that can help you get in shape at home or at the gym.

Invite your close friends to workout with you. A great way to make the exercise routine more enjoyable, and satisfying, would be to have your friends be a part of you in it. You will quickly discover that working out inside a team is an easy method to keep the other determined and shifting.

Even if this write-up will make it seem straightforward, the most crucial portion is energy and perseverence. Working out could be exciting and straightforward, but it additionally demands prolonged energy to accomplish any outcomes. So, shut down the TV and get off of the sofa, visit the fitness center, and begin exercising.


  1. I really liked this workout Trish and the small amrap sections for each body area!! Great job!!

  2. Enjoyed this. It was a little bit of everything all rolled into one. Challenging and fun…thanks Trish and Julia!

  3. Thank you Trish! I like those workouts where there is a little bit of everything that can challenge our bodies ! 😊 I was happy when I read the breakdown this morning and it didn't disappoint me!

  4. This was fun! Long, but nice formats. Thank you Trish and Julia. Julia, you forgot the lift AMRAP part :). I did it, and burnt a total of 560 cal.

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