Starting with a full body combo which consists of :
Biceps curl & Squats
Overhead raise to round the worlds
Push ups , position the dumb bells horizontally doing a face down chest press
Changing the position of the dumbbells to vertical then rolling the dumbbells together.

Next is :
Horizontal plank run across to the other side & repeat the above combo.
Horizontal plank run back to starting point.
Changing to :
Opposite knee to hand simultaneously doing kick backs & shoulder raises twisting the wrist as the arm is in the air .
Horizontal plank run across to the other side repeating the above actions.

Last part :
Horizontal plank run to the middle
Jump up & grab the bar
Doing straight leg dead lifts
Changing to a bent over row
Changing to front squats
Changing to squat pulses & lateral leg raises Finishing with
Dead lifts.

Weights used :
4 & 5 kg free weights
20 kg bar
2 reps per action performed adding 1 rep each round if able
As many rounds as you can do .
Full body activation. 🔥🔥

Technique & safety is first & foremost with any exercises
Beginners should always ask questions to understand what they are doing with their bodies .

Use These Ideas to Improve Your Fitness

Attempting to get fit is actually a main process. There are various items you should consider. Not only does it include acquiring more workout and hitting the gym, you must alter your overall strategy for contemplating nutrition, health and the method that you treat the body from head to toe generally speaking. The following advice will reveal the way to treat the body greater.

Be sure you incorporate a balanced diet regime in your physical fitness routine. If you carry on and eat junk foods, you may by no means obtain the final results that you want from the exercise routine. Take notice of the calorie consumption that you will be eating also you would like to make sure that you stay inside the advised daily limit.

Mentioned previously prior to in the beginning of the article, physical fitness is vital, mainly because it guarantees an extensive healthful life with minimal to no stress of disease or ailments. Having proper physical fitness is just not as difficult as folks believe that, along with the suggestions located in this article, anybody can be fit.