Leg Press CHALLENGE! (400 lbs x 400 reps)
Another subscriber milestone reach, so another challenge!
This one killed the legs, perfect for a straight forward, exhausting leg session!
If the weight is too much or to little for you. Try 100 lbs for 100 reps, or 200 lbs for 200 reps… etc etc

FULL BODY workout vid, click here:

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my Top 5 LEAN BULK tips, watch this video:

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Very poor health and fitness can negatively impact you, each personally and sentimentally. You have to do lots of your quest so you don’t really hurt oneself training. There are many recommendations listed below to assist you to start out with a training program that may do the job plus your desired goals.

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Even though this report may make it sound effortless, the most significant component is hard work and perseverence. Working out could be entertaining as well as simple, additionally it demands continual hard work to accomplish any results. So, turn off the television and acquire off the chair, proceed to the fitness center, and initiate training.