Booty booty booty rocking everywhere! Are you ready for this glute workout that will tone and tighten your booty from every angle!? We will also hit your hamstrings at the same time. There are lots of reps, and little-to-no rest between each exercise, but that is when you need to fight the burn and keep going. We do 5 exercises on the same leg, then switch to the other. Get ready cause it’s going to be crazy! Results happen when you push your body and your mind to its limits. Let’s GO!

The moves are:
1. Knee Tap Pushes
2. Push Pulses
3. Straight Leg Butt Lift
4. Hammy Curl
5. Pointed Butt Lift

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  1. How many times do we have to do this??.. imean once a day just tis together with cassey rite??.. or sud we rewind and do this again? ?😢😢by which time I'm sure I will b dead

  2. May i just say that this vid has nearly completely cleared my cellulite on my ass! Im so happy with the results. I would recomend

  3. omg i've been doing this for 3 weeks and my flat ass is much rounder now! i didn't notice till someone told me earlier today! keep going guys! this stuff is killer but it works ahahaha

  4. Remember, form is the fundamental of pilates…. so as long as your body is aligned right you can get as much of a workout without doing a lot of reps. Don't feel like you have to go at exactly Cassey's pace

  5. Just to clarify for the fitness newbie ❤️This isn't gonna make your butt bigger. If you have a flat butt and do this, it will only perk up your flat butt. 😅 So like…..No booty gains at all. This is a good workout if you want a flat perky butt. (Do the workouts that match your personal fitness goals!) But if you want a big butt this isn't gonna do anything. This is what I call glute activation which is only the warmup in my booty building routine. The only way your gonna get that big booty is heavy lifting with compound exercises such as squats, Deadlifts, hip thrusts and resistance isolation workouts such as cable Donkey Kicks, weighted glute raise, and many others….Not discrediting Casey, just clearing any confusion some of the audience might have. I had the same confusion when I first started my fitness journey. Don't get me wrong, I saw results from this kind of stuff, but they weren't the results I wanted for myself. I wanted to grow that peach girrrll 🍑 Ps lifting does NOT make women bulky, it'll make you curvy!!! Lift heavy! Bulkiness is a lot of work and it is not easy for women because we don't have as much testosterone (:

  6. It feels like I have to add the comment since I did it with 6lbs ankle weights! Almost fainted after first leg but I finished till the end. Thanks Cassey, awesome workout 🙂

  7. Hey Casey!!!
    I'm a major fan of your videos since the beginning and I was wondering if you could please upload two videos….
    Your Pilates videos are by far the best and I cannot explain how grateful I am for finding you in my life!!! 😁😁
    Those videos are
    1. how to get rid of belly pooch for slim people/how to get flat abs
    2. any exercises that can lengthen torso/waist or at least give the illusion of a longer torso/waist.
    Thankyou so much!!!

  8. Cassey, I love this workout very much. But I am not sure what do you mean by saying "to make sure my hips stay square".

  9. Wow, that was one of the hardest videos I ever did, but you make working out so much better with your encouragements and your smile 😀

  10. I thought it was easy…but then I thought: Nahhh, if it's Cassey it's gonna be FREAKIN' PAINFUL (but OH SO GOOD!) 😂😂

  11. This 5 moves series is hands down the best you've made. I love them all! Great for the days where you need a good workout in a short time. I've noticed a difference in my overall fitness because of them. Thanks Cassy 😘

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