The legendary Sherman Branch mountain biking trail… Today, I’m going to take you guys to it! Get ready…

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Getting in Shape One Step at a Time

To obtain the most out of your health and fitness schedule and diet plan, you have to have the right info to help make the ideal decisions you are able to yourself. Listed below are a variety of tips on how you can get to the very best form in your life and stay this way.

In case you have a finger that constantly remains jammed, you should attempt taping that finger to a finger appropriate next to it. This is because because this helps make equally hands stronger when they are together, and also you are much less likely to bend the jammed finger in an odd direction, which will jam the finger more.

Inadequate health and fitness can be very troublesome, but with some function and several persistence, you can find far better at it. It merely takes study and inquiring your physician where to start and the way to method it safely to help you reach your fitness goals. Do your love and try while using above ideas to help to improve your fitness goals.


  1. Is it hard not to derp on those trails? I can't imagine I'd survive those drops and narrow paths with my biking skills…

  2. Dude, corrupt files suck! But nice progress man! I just started my weight loss journey too.


  3. Nixxiom I can't believe I'm saying this but I saw somebody the other day…….with a…a nicer beard than yours I don't know how it's possible…

  4. Hey nix, from ireland, i was thinking of starting mountain biking, and biking in general for some time and i know some great places. How far would you would you recommend a beginner ride? i began to get into it during the summer and i rode some good distances.

  5. Recent vlogs have gotten me inspired to get back into daily hiking, thanks Nixxiom!

    Just remember Californians, watch out for the Diamondback Dangernoodle! Nearly stepped on one Friday. Rattling. Never forget.

  6. You're really an inspiration to me keep it up 🙂
    and I have some questions:
    1 is it allowed to swim in that lake it looks beautiful
    2 do you guys in California have Green Point restaurant(a vegan place where you can buy brilliant tofu burgers and shakes I recommend it)
    3 I don't have any weights for working out so do you know something in every household that I can use as weights?
    I really enjoy these vlogs keep them up and how to: shaman was brilliant 🙂

  7. AHHHHHHH yes, another vlog. i live for these vlogs nixxiom keep em coming and i won't kill myself anytime soon. Looking forward to today's stream! I was wondering, how many days later do you post these videos after you record them?

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