A lot of people mistake losing weight for burning fat. many times one can lose weight and actually not burn very much if any fat. They can also burn fat and not lose any weight. Find out the difference in the video!

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Make Fitness a Priority in Your Life

A fit system is key to health insurance and stamina. Together with great diet, healthier exercises are crucial for a long and satisfied existence. Working out is good for the muscles, heart and thoughts. The article below contains several tips and advice on building and maintaining a fit system.

Cardio instruction is yet another important component of the entire fitness puzzle. Cardiovascular exercise – exercising that elevates the heart level and respiration – can burn body fat, increases functionality and contributes to overall fitness and health. Actually, it can be no exaggeration to mention that aerobic is easily the most successful type of exercising to keep fit – even though it must not be anyone’s exclusive type of exercising.

Since we mentioned at the beginning, expertise is the thing that can help you create the proper selections. Frustration and myths about fitness and health causes it to become easy for just shrug it away and claim that you can’t undertake it. If this article has displayed you anything, with a little luck it can be that being fit isn’t as hard while you thought it was.


  1. Right now I'm in the losing weight phase of my plan, I've begun to focus on muscle retention and possible muscle growth but primarily I'm focused on weight loss. When you're as heavy as I am and you've got to lose 400+lbs in order to just get to a normal weight you're going to make some sacrifices. The one thing I never wanted to do was rapidly drop my calories, then hit a plateau, then have to drop them again… I've found "My Caloric Sweet Spot" (Shameless Plug) and I'm consistently dropping weight at that calorie intake. The rule for me is always increasing activity level first before dropping calories, and when I do I always drop carbs and especially fats first. I think people want fast results rather than taking their time. I don't want to lose all this weight and have nothing to show for it I know I'm going to have a lot of weak points to bring up but while I'm still dropping weight I'd like to hold on to any muscle I have so it is a delicate dance.

  2. Dawg, you looked angry in your bulking pic. Like WTF did I do to myself 😂😂. Another good video general !!

  3. Great video man. Some people want to achieve great results overnight, the reality of it is that it takes time to achieve the physique you want. You have to build that foundation first!

  4. Loved the vid bro! Ive already subbed and liked! If you've got a minute please check out my latest video and leave some feedback!

  5. Yea that last drop down to 200 you look real good and those transformation pics are great. That last pic you threw up there was how I want to look one day lol. Keep killing it bro

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