Megamix Fitness Hits Dance For Aerobics – Fitness & Music

00:00:00 Kyria – True Colors
00:03:25 D’Mixmasters – Paradise
00:06:09 Th Express – Dangerous Woman
00:08:53 D’Mixmasters – Never Forget You
00:12:32 Kangaroo – Wild Things
00:15:16 Boyz Boyz Boyz – Love You Goodbye
00:18:13 Movimento Latino – La Mordidita
00:21:22 D’Rockmasters – Takin It to the Streets
00:24:17 Axel Force – Only the Young
00:28:05 Th Express – Reason
00:30:45 Lawrence – Sometimes When We Touch
00:33:50 Captain Hook – Sakura Girl
00:36:14 D’Mixmasters – Trap Queen
00:39:41 The General – Dream a Dream
00:43:07 Housecream – Touch Me All Night Long
00:46:19 D’Mixmasters – Stitches
00:49:17 Speedmaster – Treat You Better
00:52:13 Housecream – Candyman
00:55:33 DJ Kee – Fired Up
00:58:27 Orlando – Baby I Love Your Way
01:01:45 Mazerati – Hold Each Other
01:04:25 Speedmaster – Telefone
01:07:40 Speedogang – Maria
01:10:54 DJ Kee – Saturday Night
01:13:55 Speedmaster – Sky High

Channel dedicated to those who love to take care of your body. The music for any type of fitness program.

Tips for Helping You Become Fit

Many individuals feel that they understand all they need to learn about maintaining their selves in good shape, but you could always understand something totally new that can kick your fitness routine up a notch or two. The powerful ideas discovered in this post may help you accomplish that, starting up right now.

Dress straight to stay fit. Clothing has a immediate influence on our workout psyche. Not only should you really opt for correct clothing for working out. You ought to ensure the clothes you might be sporting with your daily activities aren’t a deterrent in your getting a short while of workout occasionally. Should they aren’t ideal for even average workout like walking rounds from the shopping center then maybe you need to reconsider your selection.

As a result, these pointers reveal that returning into condition is not as challenging as you may feel. All it takes is a little time, dedication, job, and perseverance. These are significant qualities not just for working out, but for life as well. Whenever you can be successful at being a parent, becoming married, and at your task, there is no reason at all the reason why you can’t be successful together with your workout goals. So get out there and practice it!


  1. I lots of nice memories from my first Aerobics clases 23 years ago!! I did not stop anymore!! I Love it!!

  2. Great music for aerobics, congratulations!
    Do you think if it could be possible with 150 – 162 bits music?
    i would appreciate your to all your attention in it.
    Thank you so much, indeed!

  3. Thank you all for the appreciation and compliments. Subscribe to the channel and indicate it to your friends to help us grow and improve more and more 🙂

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