10 Minute Morning Yoga Workout Better Than The Gym Strength Balance and Flexibility

This is the third video in the quick fix morning series. Sometimes you have a tight schedule but you still want to get your yoga fix and start your day right! I focus on core exercises to help build strength and stability, then sun salutations to warm up the body and increase agility/raise cardiovascular levels. The standing poses are held to promote strong tone legs, and to increase flexibility as well as spinal elasticity. You can see more about this video on this weeks Instagram post. Follow me there for hints and explanations about some of the trickier poses. The 10 Minute Morning Yoga Workout Better Than The Gym Strength Balance and Flexibility sequence is designed to squeeze everything in that you would need to get some proper exercise for the day so you can feel your best.

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10 Minute Morning Yoga Workout Better Than The Gym Strength Balance and Flexibility

Better Fitness Results With These Helpful Tips

Maintaining your fitness and health as you age is vital to living an extensive healthier lifestyle. For your system ages, your bone fragments become less strong, causing them to be more vulnerable to pauses. Keeping match helps to help keep your bone fragments robust, and your system can get over personal injuries more quickly. This information will offer you some good tips for preserving your health and fitness into the glowing several years.

Try out your counter well before picking up on it. To do this, hit your thumb to the counter you need to sit down on. If you think any hardwood, search for a diverse counter. Simply because in the event the counter is just too difficult, it may cause T4 issue to happen with your spinal column when you are picking up your dumbbells.

Simply because this write-up mentioned, health and fitness is a very concerned subject. However, if you do not mind perseverance, you can actually achieve your objectives. Usually do not become as well focused on any one facet of getting fit maintain your eye around the real picture and discover how to enjoy your whole body and address it with respect by making use of the information you possess go through!


  1. Apart from your awesome routines, I really enjoy following a male instructor. I hadn't done that before and your calm, deep voice just helps me so much to relax. I instantly fell in love and (of Course) subscribed 🙂

  2. Hi Tim, we are enjoying following your videos here in the office – could you do an office or chair based session for us?

  3. Beautiful. Even 10 minutes, what a beautiful gift, especially in the morning. Thank you, Tim. Namaste.

  4. Thanks, Tim. This is just what I need to start getting back into yoga. I've been lifting and haven't practiced for about a year now. It feels overwhelming to start practicing for an hour a day but practicing for 10 minutes a day, for now, is totally doable!

  5. Hi I know these might be dumb questions, but what makes "morning" yoga sequences different than other yoga sequences? Are they designed to energize you, hence the "morning" thing? Can I do a morning yoga at night or will that keep me awake for a while? Thanks.

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