The diet I was following, the diet I still follow, the workouts I did, and more. Sit down talk explaining my weightloss/transformation story.


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Make Fitness a Priority in Your Life

Wonderful exercise is a crucial part of the healthy way of living. Keeping an exercise program will enable you to feel more active in all of your current other stuff. There are lots of amazing solutions to include exercise in your way of living. Find what matches your needs, and start feeling more youthful and energetic today.

You can’t expect to see results immediately, do not forget that. You have to stay focused and devoted to your plan and a big part of this can be your mindset. You can’t plan to have abs into two weeks if this can be your first-time attempting to get healthy, it will require a few months to have that slim physique you are interested in.

As mentioned initially of the article, looking after your physical fitness when you grow older is vital to dwelling an extensive healthy life. Bones become a little more fragile when you grow older, rendering it more challenging to recover from personal injuries. Apply the recommendations out of this article to help you keep your exercise as you grow more mature, and to help keep your bone healthy and robust.


  1. Found your channel and new subs! I wish i could more discipline to control my body and i want to lose weight. I am too much in love with Carbo food like noodles. I know its not good. I am not tall only different 2 inches from you and 139 pounds now I believe(its bad i know). But i do sport like biking, walking, and sometime hiking. The problem is always in my belly and arms. Will watch more of your videos. Hope i could lose weight before Xmas coming haha. Thanks Heidi.

  2. This video seriously touched home for me. I'm trying so hard to get into the best shape for my future. My fiancé and I have been working hard but I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to get out of this funk. I'm 4.11 as well. I way 128 now and wanted to have a flat belly before the wedding and maintain it. I'm just struggling with breaking this weight. 😔

  3. This was excellent! So glad I stumbled upon this today. I really needed to hear this with "intuitive eating".

  4. Came across your page as a recommendation and so glad I did. I am 4 9' and went from 100 to about two years 160 so it's nice to find someone who could relate to my struggle .You're such an inspiration .

  5. Heidi, gosh the more of your videos I watch the more I think your such a sweetheart. Your honest and real.. i cant believe how much i love you and your content. We all struggle, and i completely agree that you have to find whats best for you. xox!

  6. How do you make sure you are eating enough protein when you eat intuitively? I find it really hard to eat enough protein when I dont track it and find myself eating way too many carbs.

  7. Damn. Only only a year ago and she looks so different! I actually thinks she looks a lot better now. Do what you want with your own bodies people.

  8. This is my first time to come across your videos – and I LOVE it ❤️ sooooo amazing !!! Your vibe and personality is so awesome. Definitely inspiring. Thank you Heidi 💪🏼

  9. Thank u for sharing ❤️… I lost 47 lbs b4 having my baby…. then after having her I lost 67lbs… for sure the weight lost is very different but this time I'm wanting to take it to a whole new level…. lean and tone is what I'm going for.

  10. from the time I started following you, I've watched this video 3 times bcus it truly motivates me so much!

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