Answering some of the most frequently asked questions I got lately. I hope it was somehow insightful, I’ll see you soon!

My Height + Weight + Bodyfat + EVERYTHING.

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Getting in Shape One Step at a Time

Physical fitness should an important part of anyone’s lifestyle. It does amazing things for your health, keeping it healthy and fit, and providing you with a lot more vitality. Nevertheless a lot of people find it difficult to get some exercise regularly in their hectic plan. This article includes beneficial, simple tips that you should discover ways to exercising effectively in a tiny bit of time.

To properly work out your own muscles, only job them out for about an hour or so. Exercising for over a 60 minutes normally performs against you. Your whole body is likely to develop a lot more cortisol soon after about 60 minutes, and this may cause you body to both prevent androgenic hormone or testosterone and force you to spend the muscle you possess just obtained.

As you have seen, getting fit is easy to blend in your program. Just take the very first techniques and begin your wholesome way of life physical fitness plan today. The advantages is going to be yours for a lifetime as well as the folks you know are sure to notice the difference with your physical appearance and frame of mind.


  1. Don't care about dexa scans, but a cheap caliper got pretty close to a real 5 point measurement. I was seeing consistent results with that which coincided with my diet and goals. 10% BF with the caliper was 24% on the scale lol. Not even close to being accurate. At some point it even went over 40%, useless.

  2. I'm always very doubtful of the body fat percentages…especially since several of those have given me 6-8% ratings, which is unbelievable looking at my own rather unmuscular body lol (1,92m, 74kg)

  3. Echt coole Folge 😀

    Am Freitag starte ich im internen Boulderingfinale in buchs unter den Top 6
    185cm 84kg, ich hab sowas von keine chance gegen die anderen 😂😂

  4. Hey mani, love the videos. Just just wondering how many days a week do you climb and how many days a week you do muscle building exercises? Maybe a video on it would be cool. Like your weekly routine

  5. Hey guys I'm just starting up my YouTube channel and I would love your help and support to get notice!! By the way I love your videos Mani!!

  6. Being a native english speaker, I had never thought about height and weight being pronounced differently despite being spelled basically the same. English is weird…

  7. Did you ever get any injury due to too intense workout ? (Specifically around the elbows). if yes, I'd like to know how you do rest when it happens !

  8. I'd bet you a million that if you measured your body fat with calipers you would get a reading a couple % below the scale measure, like 7-8%

  9. Another and super cheap way to measure body fat is just to use calipers – it's old school but much more accurate than those scales that use currency.

  10. Are you sure bone mass denstity is indicated in KG? Because I thought it gave a scale where 1 is average. So then 3,3 would be a very good score, it's what parkour practicioners and weight lifters have etc, any kind of high impact sport makes your bones denser. So it would make sense you have really dense bones 3,3 is as much as a proffesional powerlifter I think.

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