Pasquale “Pat” Brocco, hit a top body weight of 605 pounds (275 kgs) and was called “Fat Pat” his entire life. He has since lost 325 pounds (147kgs).

His weight loss journey began when he made a decision to walk to Walmart every time he was hungry. A mile there and a mile back he ended up walking 6 miles/day (10km). Of course he changed his eating habits and began workout out but it all began by upping his Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or N.E.A.T.

“Cardio” has become synonymous with weight loss. Gyms are filled with bikes, treadmills and other devices of torture. However, is this kind of cardio the best way to drop weight?

Come to find out Pat Brocco was on to something. NEAT is not only effective but it doesn’t have to be punishment. In this video Sal, Adam & Justin discuss NEAT and how to benefit from it in your day to day life.

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Better Fitness Results With These Helpful Tips

If our obesity degrees as a nation are any indicator, there is lots of misunderstandings and adversity to fitness within our lifestyles. The options we make determine a lot about how exactly we sense and appear. This post will give you some terrific tips about tips on how to be a healthier and in shape man or woman. It doesn’t acquire very much. Just, some effort and data.

A terrific way to stay fit would be to journey the cycling. The main one at the gym performs as well, and although cycling it, you must keep involving 80 and 110 revolutions each minute. You are going to really journey for a longer range and you will probably go more quickly with out turning into fatigued.

Your level of fitness is determined by the level of function you set in it and exactly how very much you make these alternatives an element of your daily routine. When you put these concepts and tricks to very good use, you can find on your own sensation and searching far better in no time flat.


  1. This! As someone who sits at a desk all day, getting in NEAT is hard. But it's a great reminder to MOVE. Incorporating this more and more every day. Great info guys!

  2. yall are awesome! started listening to you guys a couple months ago I'm on episode 284 as of today! glad to have been recommended to yall, such good information that not only helps me but also helps me teach my clients

  3. Love the video guys! High quality and good info! I really like the steady cam (good job Doug). Also, Justin's legs are super white but his calves are the biggest so no worries…

  4. I honestly don't know how these guys don't have more followers. Been listening to the podcast for a while now and love the advice that is given. Now i have videos to watch!!

  5. Yes!! I've done two shows with virtually NO Cardio! It's way more manageable and I actually liked the way my body looked doing this method.


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