A day at Garden of the Gods in Illinois testing how far we’ve coming in our weight loss journey. Find my journey on instagram or FB @Fatgirlfedup or my blog: Fatgirlfedup.com

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Ways to Whip Your Body Into Shape

To obtain the most from your exercise routine and diet program, you need to have the appropriate information to make the ideal judgements you may for your self. Listed here are a lot of tips on how to get to the finest shape in your life and stay like that.

When attempting to boost the muscle tissues inside your thighs, the best way to try this is always to try some lunges. Set barbells in each hand of the weight, and take a knee then lengthen your other lower-leg out and take a knee with the other lower-leg. This creates lower-leg muscle tissues.

While we mentioned initially, expertise is really what will assist you to have the proper options. Confusion and misconceptions about physical fitness can make it simple for just shrug them back and say that you can’t get it done. If this information has demonstrated you nearly anything, ideally it is that getting in shape isn’t as hard when you thought it was.


  1. We have a Garden of the Gods in Colorado, too! Ours is similar but with red rocks. So beautifulsssss. I loved how Danny was helping you were helping him, awww. You've lost a lot of weight since this, even!

  2. You are so inspirational! I live in Illinois and I'm hoping one day that I run into you at Turkey Run or something!

  3. Saw a post about you two on facebook via mexican word of the day. Just starting to watch your videos, if you haven't had the chance please visit the little grand canyon in Southern IL….. it's also beautiful!!!

  4. I love how you can see how much Hubby looks out for you. He's right there if you ask for help but he doesn't just do it. ❤❤

  5. I loved this. It did stress me out a little bit but I'm nervous with heights so that makes sense. I personally would love a day in the life video, especially focused on what a typical day of eating is life and amount of exercise.

    Long comment, sorry. But do you count calories? If so what is typically the amount you have? How often do you get cheat meals?

  6. Awesome video guys! I watched with a goofy smile and you totally gave me some ideas of fun to do with the kids (I'll have to wear the baby) since there's to tons of hiking around here.

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