This 20 min yoga class is intended to work your whole entire body with a great focus on helping your digestive system. As we incorporate many different twists into this class, it will not only help you with any stomach sensitivities but also leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Most twists directly affect the area below the ribcage where most digestion happens. Twists squeeze your liver which is your body’s most important detox player which in return will fire up an internal cleanup of all the junk we consume.

This is an amazing class to do along with some of our other fitness videos below. Try any of the fitness videos below first and then finish off with this 20 min yoga class and I promise it will leave you feeling cleansed and replenished! XO

Fitness Videos:

Full Body Beach Workout ♥

St. Lucia Full Body Blast ♥

Full Body Blast & Tone ♥

Ass & Abs Bikini Workout ♥

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Shot in Koh Wai, Thailand

Terrific Ways You Can Get in Shape

Getting in design doesn’t ought to imply countless hours of grueling workouts at the health club. This short article will include a number of ways that can help you get in shape at home or at the health club.

One of many reasons individuals fail to carry on physical exercise applications is monotony. There is certainly practically nothing as uninteresting as strolling or sprinting about the same fitness treadmill machine, every single day. The real key for many people is number of physical exercise. For example, a couple weeks of cycling may be then every week of working, then every week of enjoying tennis games.

As you can tell, becoming suit is not hard to merge in your schedule. You need to take the first methods and start your healthier way of life exercise plan right now. The huge benefits will likely be yours forever along with the individuals you realize are certain to see the difference with your physical appearance and attitude.


  1. If the goal was to have as many poses as possible in 20 minutes, then you did it. I prefer a practice that focuses on breath and technique not a series of 40 different movements.

  2. I love your videos, I have done many multiple times. This one though…the sequence is fantastic but too fast for the full benefit of the amazing postures you provide. Slow it down add time to hold postures and it would be golden!

  3. Really good yoga class, but for my tastes a little bit too fast. Would be great to hold the postures at least for two or three breathes. The variation of the postures is perfect.

  4. I really enjoyed this practice! Great pace. Thank you for making this video. I feel like this will definitely make a difference in how my abdomen feels. Great for working on my balance too.

  5. Juliana and Mark, thank you for everything you two do for us! I am so happy that social media has such beautiful souls to follow ❤

  6. I loved it, as usual. The poses are becoming easier and easier to do, with practice !
    Thank u so much for your job, you're both amazing
    Kiss from france ♥

  7. Loved! Thank you, I think this is my favorite video yet (hard to say though because I love all your vids)!!! Thank You <3


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