Losing weight is a difficult task for all of us, especially if you are overweight and have specialized needs required from an exercise machine. Orthopedic and Ergonomic issues can make traditional exercise machines uncomfortable and even unbearable to work out on for more than a short time.

The affordable PhysioStep MDX – Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer gives you an easy & effective low – impact total body cardio workout and combines a stable & stress free recumbent sitting position, with the smooth and natural feeling of an elliptical. The innovative recumbent elliptical stride is incredibly smooth and easy on your joints you are able to workout for longer than on traditional types of exercise equipment.

HCI Fitness
HealthCare International is a leading manufacture of innovative and affordable products for Health, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Active Aging.

Our brand HCI Fitness offers affordable prices for high-quality commercial fitness equipment, ensuring the highest level of value for our customers.

Since 1992, our dedication to service and innovation has driven our product development in order to meet customer’s needs ranging from residential consumers to clinical application in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation facilities worldwide.


New Ideas for Getting Into the Best Shape Ever

For lots of people, getting fit seems like a hopeless process. It requires time as well as vigor and doesn’t seem to be everything that fun. However, using the right workout program, designed to what to do and the things you find pleasant, getting fit and keeping suit might be a life time hobby. Subsequent are a few recommendations to get involved with the swing of issues.

In order to construct far better stomach muscles, don’t job your stomach muscles excessively. Your abdominal muscle tissue are much like the other muscle tissue in the body and call for relax. Don’t job your stomach muscles two time consecutively, only job them a couple of time a week, with a minimum of one working day of relax in-among.

While we mentioned at first, information is what will assist you to have the right alternatives. Frustration and beliefs about physical fitness can make it feasible for just shrug them back and state that you can’t do it. If this article has shown you anything at all, ideally it is actually that getting suit isn’t as tough when you think it is.


  1. When they filmed this over a month ago I'd lost 75 lbs. Well now I'm down 89.5 lbs!
    Thanks HCI Fitness! The PhysioStep truly is a wonder. 🙂

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