This class begins as a standard, strong vinyasa flow class and features a number of inversions and arm balances toward the halfway mark to the end. Postures include kick up handstand, froggy prep handstand, standing straddle splits press up to headstand, side plank with toe lock, hurdler’s pose, flying baby pigeon, crow jump back. This class does not include step by step instruction for these poses, but instead sprinkles them in to the practice. Disclaimer – I missed one side on the open hip chaturanga variation, so add it to your practice! Have fun with this practice and make it your own by pausing and practicing postures that you are working toward.

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Venue: Casa Colorado

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  1. Thanks Erin that was awesome as usual, I have a question; what's the best practise, to concentrate on some movements for a long time or to try different exercises each day for example which is better to repeat Yoga for Arm balancing daily for two weeks or exercise hip opening one day, arm balancing in the next day and legs balancing for another day…etc ? thanks for awesome Yoga by you 😘

  2. Love your stuff. Just the right pace, just the right movement, just the right exhaust. Glad you exist – for yogis like me. Thank you!

  3. so fun! love the flow and the beautiful music in shavasana. would love some meditations with you and that music 😉 thank you!

  4. wish you gave an alternative to do during the kickstand or highlighted that this was more of an advanced class but i gues the thumb nail shows this but as always you are a brillant teacher and this video gives me something to strive for ! keep up the good work. gives me plenty to do while im in france and have no classes i understand or a french yogi to go with 🙂 cheers erin

  5. Much of this is beyond my capabilities, still good to see mindful control of a power flow.
    Many of FPY videos fit my needs very well. Really like this YT channel.

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