How Deep should you go on the Leg Press? This video covers technique tips for the leg press.

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When it comes to the leg press machine, many people try to go too deep as they do the exercise, and this increases their risk of injury.

Unlike squats, which can be more beneficial the deeper you go, the leg press needs to be done in a limited range of motion for optimal benefits and safety.

If you try and lower the weight down too far it causes your hips and lower back to round off the seat pad, placing a lot of strain on the lower spine.

Ideally, you should only lower the weight to the point where your upper thighs gently touch your torso and your knees are bent to 90 degrees. This will keep your lower back in contact with the seat pad, providing more support, and you’ll also be able to lift heavier weights safely without risking a back injury.

Tips for Helping You Become Fit

Most those who have been linked to fitness for just about any length of time say they wish there are some things they understood well before they started out. For this reason this post gathered several of the top fitness methods for both first-timers and intermediate fitness buffs. These guidelines can be used by folks of the level of ability.

Not being motivated can really put a damper on weight loss. Getting fit takes a lot of willpower. Sometimes, people don’t have the proper drive, or do not know the steps to take to get motivation to start living their lives with fitness as their main priority. These tips will help you create a workout that works for you, and is fun too.

Even though turning into fit and living a proper life styles can be challenging, they are able to often even be enjoyable. Place some of the ideas you check out right here to great utilize in your fitness regimen. Make fitness as much of a everyday to-do as showering and washing. In the event you press to workout more challenging and a little more frequently, you will realize a lot better effects.


  1. Any tips when using a Leg Press machine instead? At least that is how mine seems to be set up. It has a chair for you to sit in at a decline, but you have to press off of the platform with weight instead of the usual way where the platform is dropped down at you. The weight is racked like a machine weight set up when you plug in a pin. Not sure if I'll be getting the same amount of progress compared to using the traditional leg press, but it's the only one I have access to at my gym.

  2. A few years ago, I was doing the leg press…took my lower back off the cushion by going too deep. The result was the first of my disc herniations and follow-on surgeries. My surgeon said the leg press keeps him driving nice cars. I say to skip this exercise altogether as there are other less risky and just as beneficial exercises to add to one's regimen.

  3. if you leg press like that your stupid af, first time i did the leg press was in 6th grade and ive never done it like that

  4. Hi there.
    Few days ago I was first time at gym with my friend.
    All exerices what my friend give, I tried to do.
    Due my physical status it was hard to do.
    Few hours after gym, I got DOMS (i'm not sure how it's called.)
    Basicaly my arms are so stiff, can't even extend 3/4 (with other arms help) without getting extreme pain. Fully extend is not possible.

    How to deal with that?

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

  5. Excellent Tip for leg exercise.
    Mean time I have question on Max. Heart Rate during HIIT cardio exercise, specially spinning.
    Some time i cross limit of 100% during high intensity spinning, could it be detrimental !!!
    I don't find any pain or super exhaustion after completing the exercise. Could I continue to do!!
    Please advise.

  6. Hey lee ive got a question. My legs are huge and I don't want them any bigger, they are also were my body likes to store fat. in comparison to my upper body they are a lot bigger. ive been going to the gym for about a month now and don't train legs often because I don't want them bigger. I used to take mass gainer but switched to just whey protein in hope that when I train upper body it gets it carbs and calories from my legs. is this realistic?

  7. Thanks for posting Lee! I was doing exactly that up until now. I don't know how much deeper I got but I am sure my back was rounding.

  8. hi Mr lee I'm 14 years old I me working for 5 months my weight is 68kg I me 7 feat I me in a diet for about 2 months with 1400 calories per day but I didn't get any result could you help me pleas

  9. P. S. Lee I know you are busy and I am not a member yet but soon as I get the go ahead from my DR. I will join up with you, so if you have time to answer my question great if not great, thanks anyway man, talk later Lee

  10. .Lee my DR. called me about my blood work that I had done because for a very long time I felt terrible. turns out I have very low test never took drugs not sure why, any way I guess she is going to give me shots of test cip don't know anything about it, just wondering will this help or not do anything when I start at gym

  11. Thanks for this! I go deep on the leg press…I don't think my hips come up like that, but it IS uncomfortable! Now I know I can just go 90 degrees.

  12. After watching the video of the guy bending his knee backwards im never touching this machine again, im ok having chiken legs…

  13. This was actually incredibly helpful, seeing as how I thought this whole time everyone else was only doing half reps and I was the only one doing full ROM lol Not to mention the fact that I've never seen anyone give this useful tip. So basically, if my butt stays on the pad I'm good?

  14. very good exercise, i do 650lbs for almost 20 reps (after squats) and my legs are huge. never lockout and stop going down until the knee are at 90°

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